Mirchi Map of India: 6 GI-Tagged Indian Chillies Famous For Their Flavour

Every one of us knows that all Indians take pride in is about our spice tolerance levels. We see, today only India generates 25% of chili from the total production of chili around the globe. But do you know that chilies do not originate in India?

Behind this, there are many stories but with time, chilies became a staple in Indian food and found a perpetual place in the culinary Map of India.

Look into the article below, as we have provided 5 top chilies that have GI tags in India along with some history about chili.

Top 6 GI Tagged Chillies That You Must Try in Indian Cuisine

Normally, in Indian languages, chili is also called “Mirchi”. Indian food without chilies is incomplete. Look into the complete history of chilies and know to 5 must-try chilies in your cuisine are given below.

  • Before chili was introduced in India, our Indians used black pepper in place.
  • Chilies were introduced in India by Vasco Da Gama in the 16th century when he to trip to Goa.
  • However, it took a longer time for northern India to include them in their diet.
  • But now, India is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of raw, dried, and powdered chilies.
  • And besides all this, many of them do not know that chilies have great medicinal properties, which include aiding digestion, lowering allergies, and helping with weight loss, and heart health.
  • Even it gives relief from migraines and joint pains too.

Till now, as we have seen the introduction history of chilies, we are going to see GI-tagged top-grade chilies that everyone must try in their dishes.

  • Birds Eye Chilli
  • Guntur Chilli
  • Bhut Jolokia
  • Byadagi Chilli
  • Khola Chilli
  • Dalle Khursani

Birds Eye Chilli

Bird Eye Chilli

Birds Eye chili is grown in northeast India, and it is a tiny type of chillies, that is packed with a sustainable spicey punch, and used in cooking while preparing dishes like chutneys and pickles.

But as a caution, we tell you that use only half a teaspoon per serving when you need one tablespoon of other chili powder, as it was so spicy we need to use only a small amount.

Guntur Chilli

Guntur Chilli

When you think of Andhra it is famous for Guntur mirchi, it is also one of the top spiciest chilies among all other chili varieties. Even though this Guntur chili variety is from Andhra. Madhya Pradesh has created many varieties of varieties.

In Andhra also there is a wide spread of usage those cuisines. It is also one of the popular varieties of chili.

Bhut Jolokia

Bhut Jolokia

Bhut Jolokia is the local name for ghost pepper in Assam. It is produced in northeast India in a wide range. Even it was written in the Guinness Book of World Records as it is the world’s hottest chili pepper in 2007. And it is 170 times hotter than the Tabasco sauce.

If we measure the heat of this bhut jolokia alias ghost pepper in SHU ( Scoville Heat Units) it is nearly one million SHU. Normally, this will be used in dishes made with dried fish or pork.

Byadagi Chilli

Byadagi Chilli

Another gem variety of south India is the Byadagi chili. It is grown in Karnataka and it is also popular for its color along with its spice.

If you want color than spice then you can prefer this chilli. It is a staple of Udipi Cuisine which is called Bydagi which is a town in Karnataka’s Haveri region. It is very similar to paprika.

Khola Chilli

Khola Chilli

Khola chili is popularly grown in the Khola district of Goa. This Khola chili is known for its medium flavor and its bright red color. Mainly it is cultivated on the steep slopes of Canacona, goa.

It is also a key ingredient in handmade condiments like mango pickles, red chili sauce, and others. And even you can find this spiced chili in each and every goa dish.

Dalle Khursani

Dalle Khursani

Every one of us will eat the momo chutney very interestingly and it is mostly liked by each and every one who eats momos. This momo chutney was first started in Darjeeling.

And in that chutney, this dalle khursani variety of chili is used in it. This chili got a GI -tag in 2020. It is mainly grown in Sikkim and also in its geographical counterparts.


We have seen the top 6 varieties of chili that are GI tagged, and we hope you will try all those chilies, and enjoy the taste of those chilies.

As we have also seen there are many medicinal properties and it gives relief from many pains. Check out the article completely and enjoy the flavors of chilies that you will get nearby.

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