High Price of Onions Gives Internet a Hilarious Memes and Jokes

Due to the rise in prices of onions across wholesale markets on October 21, going with the trend there are tons of memes that are flooding all over social media.

Presently people are paying Rs.100 to Rs. 200 per kilo in different cities. The sudden surge in onion prices made people buy fewer quantities. According to the Union Ministry of consumer affairs food and Public Distribution, there was a hike of Rs.11.56 kg in the prices over the last 10 days.

Netizens are trying to give a funny makeover for a tearful situation as it has become a burden for many of them due to the immense rise of onion prices.

Many of them treat onion as a diamond in the vegetable world except for the rich and Jain community. Here we have provided you with the funny and hilarious memes that are trending.

Funny & Best Memes and Jokes on Hike of Onion Price

Look into the hilarious memes on the rise of the price of onions in the market that will make you cry with Laughter

Memes on Onion prices 1

memes on onion price 3

memes and Jokes on onion prices

Onion prices memes

Oninon Prices memes

Onion Prices Jokes

onion prices memes 2


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