From Lab Coats to Field Success: Pune Scientist Duo’s NutriSens Boosts Farmer Yields!

Two Scientist’s Innovation Aid Farmers To Test Soil In 5 Min: When farmers think about soil testing, they go for the traditional testing process that takes 15 days to finish. That’s too long, right?

Scientists from Pune noted this as an issue and started their research on soil testing and developed a new portable device called “NutriSens”

Dr. Rajul Patkar and Dr. Mukul Singh’s NutriSens is a soil health testing device that does wonders in testing the soil. It works like magic and helps farmers test the ground for six parameters and provide output in a few minutes.

Why Farmers Test The Soil? | How It Helps Them?

Testing the soil before cultivating the crops is the mandatory step to take by the farmers. Farmers conduct the soil test to identify what type of fertilizers the soil requires. If they go with the standard & ancient way to test the soil, it takes 15 days to get the result.

The original soil testing process requires labs. In India, barely 3000 labs are there to test the soil of 14 crore farmers. Finally, we can see the delay in farming due to the shortage of soil testing labs.

Dr. Rajul Patkar, CEO and co-founder of Pune-based Proximal Soilsens Technologies replies. “It is important for farmers to hold for the test outcome before sowing the seeds, as fertilizers are added to the soil in expectation of the result.

Why Pune-Based Duo Innovated NutriSens?

Basically, Dr. Rajul and Dr. Mukul Singh invented NutriSens to deal with the shortage of labs in India. NutriSens is a paper-based sensor strip that can test your soil easily like testing blood sugar at home.

This helps farmers to sow the seeds at the right time and improve yielding. To develop this unique device, Dr. Rajul and Mukul Singh researched for a decade and built the device prototype in the initial time of 2022.

How To Test Soli With NutriSens Soil Glucometer?

The explanation of how it works is curated here in simple steps. Do follow them carefully and test your soil in a matter of time.

  1. First and foremost, make a sample with 1 gram of soil.
  2. In the soil, place 3 ml of agent solution in a small vial.
  3. Mix both by shaking and give a good rest for about 30-60 minutes.
  4. Resting helps soil to resolve and shows a clear solution.
  5. Now, take a drop of solution and put it on the sensor of NutriSens Device.
  6. Wait for five minutes, it tests the soil for all 6 parameters and generates the soil health card.
  7. Finally, download the Health Card of your soil on mobile phones in no time.

What’s the Cost of Super Magical NutriSens Soil Testing Device?

The price of the NutriSens device is Rs 35,000 in Punjab, Assam, Telangana, and Maharashtra. Till now, two scientists duo from Pune helped many farmers with a rapid soil test. Also, over 2,000 consumable sensor strips were sold out by this duo.

What are the six parameters measured by NutriSens?

The following are the six soil-health parameters that are measured by NutriSens:

  1. EC
  2. Phosphate
  3. pH
  4. Potassium
  5. Nitrate
  6. Organic Carbon

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Finally, we would like to say that “Nutrisens is a small, on-site soil testing device that is effortless, accurate, and affordable to use for soil testing.

Availing NutriSens helps farmers perform soil analysis by the trained youth on their own farm (on-site) at a reasonable cost & get instant soil health results.

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