Started From One Packet, Mother-Son Duo’s Mushroom Farming Now Earns Rs 40000/Day

Some of us think that when we think of mushrooms, it is not easy for everyone to grow as it is hard. But that is not true, look into the success story of Mother and son who are successfully running a mushroom business and earning Rs.40000 per day. They have shown it is possible to grow mushrooms easily if you can take some precautions and steps.

Check out the article completely and know how Kerala mother and son have reached success in their mushroom business also look at some tips on how to grow it.

Meet the Mushroom Farming Mother – Son Duo Who Started with One Packet and Reached to Earn Rs. 40000 per Day

We will look into the success story of a Mother-Son duo who started mushroom farming as a hobby but unknowingly it became a huge success and it became one of the successful businesses. Along with the business story, we have also provided some tips on mushroom farming.

If you are interested you can learn those tips and you can also start mushroom farming, as we are going to provide each and every detail about it.

  • Jeethu Thomas and Leena Thomas are the persons from Kerala whose native is Ernakulam.
  • Coming to the studies of Jeethu Thomas has completed his bachelor’s diploma in physics and also a diploma in social work.
  • After completion of his studies, he worked as a social entrepreneur for an NGO for a couple of years.
  • But he has recognized he was interested in mushroom farming and he also recognized his potential in it.
  • Jithu Thomas was 19 years old when he first sowed the seeds of a mushroom.
  • After recognizing the potential of Jithuthomas, he started mushroom farming full-time. After it started, he attended a workshop on mushroom farming, conducted by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, and learned many scientific methods.
  • Then he started implementing them in his mushroom farming. Even he did a lot of online research too.
  • Firstly, the mushroom business started by taking a training course at KVK Kumarakom on Mushroom Production and Spawn Making.
  • They started with a very small one in a small corner of the house and started catering to a handful of shops in and around Piravom.
  • After a few years of personal research, and after making many experiments he and his mother tasted success within four years of incorporating Leena’s mushroom farm.
  • Presently, Jeethu and his mother run a mushroom farm in 5000 sq ft, along with the lab area, near their house in Piravom.
  • They produce nearly 80-100 kg of mushrooms every day and earn between 35000 – 40000 per day.
  • Leena’s mushroom farm has 11 women employees from their surroundings to help them in mushroom farming.
  • They make 200 grams and distribute them in local supermarkets, bakeries, and local shops.
  • And they had a room where they could arrange 20000 mushroom beds but they ended up with 5000 beds.
  • Each packet cost that the mother and son sell is Rs.80 per packet.
  • Once after buy it, you need to use it within 2 days if placed in the open air, and can last up to five days if refrigerated.
  • Even Jithu is providing Short-term training in mushroom Farming. Both in Online and Offline methods.

Tips and Tricks To Maintain Mushroom Farming

Mushroom Farming is not an easy task as we think everything that mushroom farming needs is a controlled temperature with a temperature not increasing 30 degrees Celsius.

Look into some of the tips and tricks to follow if you want to do mushroom farming.

  • Firstly, when you think of mushroom farming, the quality of seeds is most important.
  • You can buy the seeds directly from mushroom growers and also from e-commerce sites.
  • As we do not have much knowledge, always begin with oyster mushrooms.
  • Get good knowledge from the videos that are on YouTube or you can take training from the nearby government institutions.
  • Do not disappoint if you do not get success in it, as it needs at least 6 months of trial period to understand.

Key Outcomes

If you have persistence in life, then nothing is impossible for anyone. It was proved by this mother & son. Sometimes dreams may look so small in the beginning but they can take us into huge success if you have determination, hard work, and dedication.

Hope that the story we have seen above about Mother and son who have made their mushroom farming into huge success has inspired you a lot.

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