Power Up Your Immunity With Yoga

Power Up Your Immunity With Yoga

Yoga has gained much international prominence for its practical functionality and health benefits in daily life. It is also well-known for being a complete health package that will do wonders for the body. Here, we try to concentrate on how this physical, mental and spiritual practice can help increase an individual’s immunity. Listed below are a few asanas that might just help you strengthen your immune system.

Downward Dog
The flexibility this asana provides is rather secondary when you think about the kind of energy your body would have flowing through it, when practicing this pose. In turn practicing this asana increases the blood circulation in the body and does a world of wonders for one’s immunity.

Cobra Pose
Despite its deadly name, the cobra pose is quite useful. While practicing this asana, the thymus glands get worked in a better manner and more T cells which are the body’s first response to a cold, are produced. And this has a huge impact on the body’s immunity. Therefore, the cobra pose is all in all a wonderful position because it revitalizes the body and strengthens it from external threats.

Child’s Pose
The coup de grace of the child’s pose is that practicing it leaves the head to be lower than the heart. This leads to gaining better circulation to the face and hence a steady boost of immunity as well. The child’s pose is a very important part of yoga with a wide range of physical benefits.

The headstand asana can revitalize the pituitary gland which is an integral part of a number of body functions that includes metabolism, sexual drive and blood pressure. Therefore this asana helps with immunity due to all the above mentioned functions it improves in the body.

Fish Pose
Deep diaphragmatic breathing – this is the most important aspect of the fish pose. But it one looks beyond the obvious benefits this pose has for the lungs, you will be amazed to find that the fish pose can break up the sinus build-up of the body and even help with the smooth functioning of the nervous system.

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