Before You Plant Garlic, Watch This Dehradun Expert’s Game-Changing Method!

How to Grow Garlic in Old Plastic Containers: Growing Garlic is always a full-filling task. Many of us like to grow garlic at our house or apartment, but due to lack of space, we will not grow it. But no need to worry about space to grow garlic if you listen to the words of the Dehradun gardener.

Milan Kumar from Dehradun is the one gardener who has grown garlic in plastic containers easily. And he shared his experience and step-by-step process on how to grow garlic in old plastic containers.

Look into the article below to learn ways to grow garlic even if we don’t have a place for an inground garden or terrace garden.

What are Different Types of Garlic That Can Grow in a Container?

When it comes to garlic, there are two types, one is hard neck garlic and the other one is soft neck garlic.

Hard neck garlic has the central stock with a single layer of cloves. It is suitable to grow in cold weather regions. Some of the hard-neck garlic that grows is usually German red, music, elephant garlic, red duke, and aji rojo. It can be planted in spring and autumn.

When it comes to Soft-neck garlic, has swirling layers of garlic, with no defined neck. It is suitable to grow in mild climates like hot summers and mild winters. Softneck garlic gives 30 to 40 cloves per bulb.

Some varieties of soft-neck garlic are Siciliano, Picard Wright, silver rose, and inchelium red.

Types of garlic

Benefits of Garlic – Why it is Important to Grow Garlic

Garlic is the one that has many medical values and cures many diseases, as it has the ability to lower blood pressure, and also The antioxidants that are available in garlic, help to protect against cell damage and aging.

It also has the power to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Even garlic has the ability to solve digestive issues and also it gives a super taste and aroma to the food.

Amazing Process of Growing Garlic That Was Succeeded by Dehradun Gardener

To set up this garlic garden you need a few plastic containers and baskets. Milan (Dehradun gardener) sets up a garden in the containers from October to November. And the containers that we take should be 8 x 5 inches.

So that it will have room for up to 160 garlic cloves.

Steps to Grow Whole Garlic in a Basket

Now we will look into the step-by-step process to grow whole garlic in the Basket.

  • Take a plastic basket it can be old or new, but it should be with a wide surface area.
  • To allow excess water out, make holes in every corner of the basket.
  • Fill the basket with garden soil, cocopeat, and vermicompost in equal proportions.
  • And then add a piece of neem cake and one tablespoon of ash, as they act as the best fertilizers.
  • Select the large cloves and insert them by leaving 3-5  inches gap in between each clove. So that they will grow well.
  • While inserting the clove, it should be inserted upside down, pointed end should be facing up.
  • Sprinkle water every alternative day.
  • Within a month or less than a month, you will see the sprouts. Give another 2-3 months to grow the garlic fully.
  • When the leaves begin to turn yellow, it indicates that the garlic is ready for harvest.

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Steps to Grow Green Garlic in a Container

Like whole garlic, we can also grow green garlic in a container very easily. Green garlic is also filled with an antioxidant of allicin, which acts as an active ingredient and reduces cholesterol and inflammation.

Look into the below steps to learn how to grow green garlic.

  • Firstly, take any old plastic container with 5 inches width.
  • Take a sharp knife, heat the sharp edge of the knife on the stove, and place the square-shaped holes in the container.
  • When you are making holes in a square shape, that square should be slightly bigger than a garlic clove.
  • Now fill the container will the same soil mix as we have discussed in the above steps in the whole garlic process.
  • Take the garlic and separate the cloves.
  • Next, take the garlic clove and insert it into the square with the thumb, and the clove end should be pointed towards you.
  • Make sure that the cloves are immersed in the soil.
  • Water them with the sprayer, on every alternate day based on the dryness of the soil.
  • Within a month, leaves will be grown and ready to cut and use. These leaves will last for many months.

Tips to know While Growing Garlic in Containers

Here are some quick tips to follow while growing garlic in containers.

  • A few weeks before planting the garlic in the soil, place that garlic bulb in the refrigerator. So that the bulb development will improve.
  • If you are buying bulbs to plant and grow, buy them from a reputable garden supplier.
  • Garlic always loves to grow in full sun and hummus-rich soil with balanced nutrients.
  • Water the plant every 4 days rather than alternative days while the garlic plant is in the bulbing period.
  • Always use a good-quality potting mix.
  • Hard neck garlic can be harvested when 1/3 to 1/2 leaves are wilted.
  • Soft-neck garlic can be harvested when the bottom leaves of the plant start dying off.

FAQs on How to Grow Garlic At Home

1. What is the best soil for growing garlic in containers?

The best soil for growing garlic in containers is sandy loam soil.

2. What is the best location to plant garlic?

The best location to plant garlic can be our balcony, terrace garden, backyards, and home gardens. Make sure you are planting garlic where the sun falls directly onto the plant.

3. Which month is best to plant garlic?

October is the best month to plant garlic.

4. What type of garlic grows faster?

Softneck garlic is the best garlic type that grows faster, and it does not require any effort mid-season to harvest scapes.

5. Can garlic grow in the rainy season?

No, garlic does not grow well in areas where there is heavy rainfall.

How to grow garlic in a container

Key Outcomes

We hope that the success story of the Dehradun gardener we have provided on How to grow garlic in containers has inspired you to grow garlic on your own and the information we have provided may help you a lot.

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