Character Traits List with Examples | What are the 10 Personality Traits?

Character traits are a set of unique words in the English language that describes the emotional being of a person. It becomes very important for students at a very tender age to understand the different character traits not just to score marks in different subjects but also to understand human behaviour and emotions associated with psychology and human anthropology.

In this particular article on character traits and their examples, we are going to mention some of the important character traits of a person, their meaning and their importance in our society. This article will particularly be helpful to students pursuing courses in anthropology or any subject that demands the study of human behaviour.

One should well note here that character traits and emotions are two different things. For example, temperament is a character while anger is an emotion. One should not get confused between character traits and different emotions that human being goes through.

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Below are the some of the Personality Character Traits that one must have in order to become a great human being. Each one of them is explained below


One must have heard the famous phrase honesty is the best policy. Honesty is a particularly important human trait because of the fact that saying truth requires courage and it speaks a ton positive about a person’s personality. Honesty is an important character trait for everyone because an honest person can easily be a trustworthy person and having and winning someone’s trust is extremely important for a social and civilized living


The character trait bravery refers to someone having the courage to speak and act in any possible manner they want and the word bravery always has a positive connotation associated with it. A brave person is usually admired in society and is looked up to for his bravery and skills.

This character trait is very important for young children to develop at a very tender age because a brave person will not bend and be gullible to societal pressure and can live a life of achievement and full-fillment.


In a society where trusting each other for a sustained and long period has become a rare phenomenon, a loyal person is a rare site and difficult to find today. Children in the 22nd century should be imparted with the moral values of loyalty and its importance in one’s life


Being compassionate or the world compassion refers to showing a sympathetic feeling towards someone who is going through a problem or to someone less privileged than one. A compassionate person will have a sense of self-developed happiness and fulfilment and he derives his or her happiness through someone else’s good self.

Compassionate as a character trait is one of the most important character traits that one should develop because as our society is getting more and more competent, it is also getting crueller and crooked and compassion and sympathy are something that will become extremely important for a good standard of living


Creativity as a character trait in simple words can be referred to as doing something which is out of the box or a non-convention in the sense that known else would have thought of the idea or the action before. The world stage is becoming extremely competitive and this competition is leading people towards mediocrity.

In a world full of mediocrity, creativity as a character trait is going to help a person achieve things in life and go a mile forward than others in his career, professional or personal ambitions.

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The character trait confidence refers to showing or exuberance of skills or knowledge without an iota of doubt about oneself. A confident person is sure to attract people around him or her and can easily be a character trait that will lead him or her to have leadership skills.

A confident person will achieve much more than an under-confident person in his or her professional life. However, one should also note that overconfidence can be a negative character trait that one should not possess because that might lead to the exact opposite of confidence, which is failure


Curiosity as a character trait is debatable because some people believe that this is a trait that one should possess but few others believe that curiosity can be a negative character trait for a person’s well-being. We have all heard the phrase curiosity kills the cat or ignorance is bliss.

Curiosity as a character trait can be helpful depending on the situation and circumstances that a person is in. Curiosity in classrooms and the hunger for knowledge or curiosity in a work environment can help a student grow as a person. However, there are instances where curiosity can hurt a person’s well-being.


Neuroticism is a negative character trait associated with a person who is a pessimist or tends to have negative emotions attached to his being such as anxiety, anger, guilt, depression et cetera.


Generosity is a unique character trait where one helps another without expecting anything in return. In a competitive world like ours, a generous person is rare to find and kids in today’s world should be inculcated the values of generosity at a very tender age so that the world becomes a much kinder and more generous society as a whole


Humorous is a very important character trait that every person should possess to live a happy and content life. As they say, laughter is the best medicine and one should have a sense of humour in himself or herself no matter what serious problems life throws at you.

Kids of today’s generation should always keep in mind that living a happy and content life has nothing to do with not having problems and a sense of humour will be a catalyst in developing a happy and satisfying life.

Final Words

There are plenty of character traits that humans possess that are both good and bad. But we have mentioned only 10 very common and most important character traits that everyone should or will have. One should always note that it is impossible for a person to possess only positive character traits because a mix of good and bad is what makes a person a human being.

Hope the above mention character traits are going to help students in knowing different human behaviour and traits. Bookmark our site to avail latest updates on 100 Golden rules of English Grammar for Error Detection and Sentence Improvement.

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