Get On The Path To Fitness With These Simple Changes In Your Daily Schedule

Get On The Path To Fitness With These Simple Changes In Your Daily Schedule

“You don’t need to make huge changes in your everyday schedule to stay fit but minor tweaks too, will work miraculously and will give you amazing results”

In the midst of your hectic day-to-day schedule, have you ever cared to find a little time to release your stress and stay fit? Although undoubtedly, everyone wants to do this and wishes to stay stress-free and fit, but when it comes to taking initiatives, you often find each day passing by, dealing with everyday work pressure, family time, long hours in traffic and other such obligations.

So, how can you find the time to achieve your fitness dream when you can hardly find the time to calmly sit and breathe? Relax! You don’t need a personal trainer, you don’t need to spare time for the gym or run in a marathon. All you need is to bring about a few simple changes in your daily schedule in the morning, to be on the path to fitness. You don’t need to make huge changes in your everyday schedule to stay fit, but minor tweaks too, will work miraculously and will give you amazing results.

Try Riding A Bicycle

One of the best morning workouts is cycling. Try cycling to office or ride for a few minutes before you get ready for office. This will not only helps you burn extra calories, but will also help you jump start your day while releasing unwanted stress. Enjoy your cycle ride, feel the fresh air of the early morning, enjoy the breeze that makes you mentally calm and fit. Riding a bicycle to office will also help you relieve stress caused by excessive traffic.

Enjoy A Nutritious Breakfast

How you start your day in the morning makes a huge difference, on how you spend your entire day. If you start your day with healthy nutritious food, you’ll have the energy to kick-start your day. Find wholesome food you love to have and start having it regularly for breakfast. Some suggested foods are oatmeal, low-sugar fruits, turkey bacon, wholegrain toast, yogurts, etc. By avoiding heavy oily food or sugar filled cereals and pastries, you’ll be more likely to spend you day with a healthy diet and a healthy mind.

Workout In The Morning

Managing a long day fulfilling your work assignments, juggling office politics and a pressure to devote quality time to your family, the mind often gets tired. Hence. thinking about exercise in the evening or some workout is next to impossible. So, start devoting a few minutes of your morning to a healthy workout. Go for either a running, a yoga session or try some stretching exercises you enjoy. Once you adopt this healthy lifestyle, you’ll be amazed to experience a determined and energized day.

Plan Your Meals

Make a plan and stay determined towards what you should eat before you step out of your home in the morning. You must be well-planned and be aware of what you’re going to have during the next eight to nine hours when you are out of your home. Do not try to skip your food, it will only lead to unhealthy alternatives and excessive snacking. When you plan your diet and you know what you are going to have throughout your day, you are more likely to have nutritious food and will stick to a healthy diet plan.

Go For The Stairs Instead Of Escalators Or Lifts

Opting for the stairs instead of the lift and escalators is any day a wise decision, which will undoubtedly keep your body fit and help you shed some extra calories. Start with climbing a floor and slowly take it to two floors and then three, gradually. You’ll be amazed to see your energy level getting higher.

Always Carry Snacks

Healthy snacks in between meals helps you avoid sugary pitfalls and will also help you stick to your fitness resolutions. Some fruits, carrots or a handful of nuts are more than enough to control our urge for food between meals throughout the day.

Some More Early Morning Practices To Kick-Start Your Day

  • Read a book or watch a Ted Talk to get inspired
  • A warm lemon drink in the morning can boost your metabolism and rev you up
  • Meditate in silence
  • Always smile and think of something positive
  • Spend a few minutes in your garden or walk down to a nearby park to surround yourself with lush morning greenery
  • Treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate

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