Best Yoga Asanas for Pregnant Women

Best Yoga Asanas for Pregnant Women

Nowadays, more and more babies are born with asthma, diabetes, liver malfunctions, and even heart diseases! Though this scenario may be sad, it’s true! Thus, it is the responsibility of every pregnant woman to ensure that her baby is healthy and free from disease, so that her offspring can grow into a strong and a healthy adult.

Therefore, it is heartening to know that staying healthy and happy during the entire term of your pregnancy depends entirely on you. Also, as it’s important to equip yourself with ways to keep you and your baby healthy, practicing yoga is what you should do as it is one of the best ways of staying fit during pregnancy. Just do these asanas regularly.

Best Yoga Poses For Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga Flow
Sit comfortably in sukhasana. You may use a pillow under you, for support. Bringing one hand to your heart and one to your belly, close your eyes and listen to the sound of your body, your breath, and your growing baby. The connection to a healthy birth ¡s through relaxation, so it’s important for you to breathe in a way that’s relaxing for you. Keeping the concentration on your breath, bring your hands to your knees, palms facing the sky and your thumbs and index fingers touching each other.

Pelvic Floor Exercise
As you inhale, pull your pelvic muscles up, and draw them to your core and gently release them as you exhale. Pelvic muscle toning is important for a safe and healthy childbirth and recovery. When you are ready, bring your hands to your heart’s centre in a prayer position, setting the intention for your practice.

Bring the soles of your feet together. If you feel the need to create more space for your belly, sit down on a folded carpet, to place your pelvis higher than your knees. As you inhale, start to turn yourself to the right. As you exhale, move back by pushing your hips down into the ground. Moving on to spine flexions, as you inhale, drop your shoulders and open up your heart this way. As you exhale, open up the back of your heart by dropping your chin to your chest. This exercise also warms up your spine and opens up your hips.

The connection to a healthy birth is through relaxation, so it’s important for you to breathe in a way that’s relaxing for you

Marjaryasana/Bltilasana (CatlCow Pose)
Come forward on to your hands and your knees. Make sure that your wrists are underneath your shoulders and your knees are underneath your hips. As you inhale, look up and open your heart towards the sky and as you exhale, tuck your chin to your chest and round your back. This movement promotes better circulation of nutrients from your body to the baby via the placenta.

Find a neutral spine position on all fours and bring your elbows down to the ground. Slowly move your hips back and place them gently on your heels. If you are not able to touch your sit bones to your heels, just relax, it’s perfectly okay Remember that yoga, especially during pregnancy, is all about finding the right balance between your comfort and the correct technique.

Place your forehead down on the mat and join your palms together in a namaskara position, bringing your hands over your head. Hold this pose for a few moments. This pose opens up your lymphatic glands which brings harmony and balance to your internal system.

This is one of the most recommended asanas for pregnant women as it strengthens the back muscles and provides very good blood flow to the pelvic section of the body, leading to an improved flow of nutrients to the growing baby. Assume the kneeling position on all your fours. Move your right knee off the floor and keep your right leg parallel to the floor, Bend your right knee and push your right thigh further up towards the sky.

Gradually, stretch your neck and push your head back. Hold this pose for a few seconds and while exhaling, move your head down and simultaneously move your bent knee down and inwards towards your belly. Repeat this pose with your left leg.

Ankle And Wrist Rotations (Cool Down And Relaxation)
Extend your legs in front of you. Rotate your wrists and ankles outward and then inward. Repeat these rotations for some time to encourage blood circulation throughout your body and the balance of blood flow to the growing baby.

Health Tip

Remember, the journey towards building a healthy human being begins in the womb. Hence, it is imperative for the expecting mother to take care of herself through the practice of yoga and positive thinking!

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