Causes Of Swollen Red Gums And How To Deal With This Condition

Causes Of Swollen Red Gums And How To Deal With This Condition

“The reasons that contribute to the swelling of your gums can include improper brushing techniques, faulty flossing and an abscessed tooth”

Oral Mishaps

It could be a dismaying sight indeed, when one morning, while brushing your teeth, you notice that your gums are turning red and appear to be You may ask yourself – how did it happen and what is the best way to get rid of swollen gums?

A major cause of this embarrassing condition may be a disease of the gums. But don’t be too sure, since another reason for red swollen gums can also be gingivitis, which also leads to the bleeding of the gums.

So before you reach any conclusions, try and find out the real cause for the swelling. The reasons that contribute to the swelling of your gums can include. improper brushing techniques, faulty flossing and an abscessed tooth.

Causes Of Swollen Red Gums

Faulty Brushing Techniques

The major reason for swollen gums is due to faulty brushing and flossing techniques. This leaves behind food particles, causing it to get stuck between the teeth and other neglected areas. Thus, poor oral hygiene can also cause gum diseases, pale or red gums, bleeding gums and also have pus oozing out of the gums.


Gingivitis is a contagion of the tissues that surrounds your teeth, that causes swelling in and between the enamels. Most often, it might also lead to bleeding while you brush your teeth. This infection is a major cause for gum disease and can also lead to the pulling away of the gums from the teeth. Further, it also causes continuous bad breath and could even loosen the teeth. This condition lead to sore red gums as well and thus demands an immediate visit to the dentist.


Some expectant mothers can also experience soreness and redness in their gums, during the process of gestation. The hormones related to pregnancy have the ability to change the body’s reaction to bacteria and this allows for plaque formation leading to sensitive gums. Dental issues are very common in pregnant women, especially during the second trimester. Hence, a regular dental check-up is of prime importance.

Malnutrition And Illness

Sore gums can also be a result of particular medical ailments. Gum health can be adversely affected by malnutrition and types of chronic diseases and illness, resulting in tender gums with minute bleeding. A deficiency of vitamin D in the body, can also be the cause of puffiness and tenderness in the gums.


A certain inflammation can also be caused due to the medication you intake. For example, Dilantin or calcium consumption can cause side effects like sore gums. So, in case you have consumed any new medication and feel soreness in your gums, Its time you get it checked by your dentist, to start the healing process, as it also might be a sign of gum disease.

Tips For Healthy Gums

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Perfect oral health depends on the care you provide to your gums and teeth. Regular brushing and flossing helps keep germs and bacteria away, from your teeth, but just brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing won’t help. Also, make use of an effective mouthwash and rinse regularly, as this majorly helps to drain out all the harmful bacteria from your mouth, providing you with lasting relief. The result will be, healthy and happy gums.

Consume Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Inflammation has the ability to exacerbate the jaw nerves and this causes swelling, soreness and immense pain. Anti-inflammatory medicines can offer you temporary relief and can prevent you from causing further damage to your teeth.

Feast On Cold Foods

In case you don’t suffer from sensitivity in your teeth, eating cold foods is good to reduce the swelling, pain and numbness in your gums. Also, eating other frozen edibles help to calm the irritation, pain and inflammation.


Being affected with swollen gums could be a pain, but it doesn’t necessitate a change in your regular routine at home as means to a solution and once the problem is diagnosed, feasible options can be worked out to help you endure the pain, till you get better.

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