Beat The Winter Doldrums

Beat The Winter Doldrums

The winter months are invigorating and have an impact on peoples health. However, many are vulnerable to cold related sicknesses like sniffles, colds and flu due to poor lifestyle choices and increasing environmental pollution. Chronic problems like asthma and arthritis also flare up during this season.

So, it you have long-term or chronic health concerns, it is important to go that extra mile to take proper care but there is no need to hibernate and curl up with mugs of hot chocolate or coffee to warm you up. Instead, harmonise your mind and body to restore and renew good health and immunity and keep your spirits up to greet the warm weather that follows with a healthy and fit body. Make wellness and well-being your focus this winter with emphasis on achieving wholesome wellness. Incorporating the following steps as part of your daily routine will help you feel great during the winter.

Exercising in winter has its own benefits. Though it is tempting to sit at home with something warm to drink, read or watch television during these months, remember that exercising not only helps burn calories and promote weight loss but also boosts your wellness quotient by improving your stamina, flexibility, endurance, immunity and quality of life. So, resolve to say goodbye to winter doldrums by taking up exercises in a composite, holistic way.

Exercises like swimming or walking (if the weather is conducive), aerobics, calisthenics or even yoga have significant psychological and physiological benefits. It going to the gym is a deterrent due to the weather or you have time constraints, try the following highly effective exercises. But remember exercises can be done indoors or outdoors and must be done only after a good warm up session to prepare the body for the workout.

  • To get started, exercising for even 30 to 45 minutes a day, for tour to five days a week will result in transforming you into a wholesome and healthy individual.
  • Always start an exercise routine with a suitable warm up session. Warming up exercises are a valuable part of any exercise regime. Stretches and cardio warm ups help prevent in juries and sprains and facilitate better range of movements in the knees, hips and spine. These are required to improve blood circulation, mobility and flexibility of your muscles and joints.
  • Do some jumping jacks, spot jogging, stretches for the hamstring, back, calf, side stretches, neck! head rotations etc. Other aerobic exercises like cycling, running, walking, climbing stairs and swimming are also helpful.

Hips And Thighs
The recommended exercises include squats, lunges and leg kicks. These are excellent for toning the thighs, glutes and hips. You can also climb stairs two at a time if you have no knee or back problems.

Include 10 rounds of suryanamaskar, toe touches, side bends, tadasan and twisting.

Tone The Abs
Tone your abs with oblique crunches, lying down cycling and abdominal crunches. These are very helpful in strengthening and conditioning the back muscles and the abdominal muscles.

Yoga – The All-In-One Workout
Yoga has and will always be the number one workout for the body, spirit and mind. Yoga asanas like suryanamaskar, downward dog pose, dhanurasana, bhujangasana, pa wanmukthasana, naukasana, sethubandhasana, paschimotasana, trikonasas etc. should be made an integral part of the daily workout routine to improve strength, stamina, flexibility, to boost immunity and metabolism. This must be followed up with pranayama and shavasan to relieve anxiety, stress and tension.

Good nutrition is important to improve overall health, vitality, energy levels and the body’s ability to fight infections. Winter months often turn into endless rounds of parties with Christmas and New Year but these parties do not have to be unhealthy. Remember, just because it is cold outdoors, does not mean you must indulge in mindless munching.

Winter days are short and nights are long and this generally causes a condition known as seasonal effective disorder which is characterized by uncontrolled craving for carbohydrate rich food, hunger and a tendency to overeat leading to weight issues, bloating and stomach disorders.

Understand your body well. Your weight loss and fitness goals must be based on the inputs given by your body like moods, thoughts, immunity, energy levels and fatigue. By following these time tested wellness tips and dietary and exercise principles one can look forward to a revitalized winter.

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