5 Good Fermented Foods

5 Good Fermented Foods

“Bacteria found in fermented foods helps in the digestion process by breaking down starches, sugar and lactose”

Earlier, foods like sauerkraut and kimchi were not among the preferred choices, but now they are widely consumed, thanks to studies that have proved a positive co-relation between fermented food and the brain, gut and body health. Thus, fermented foods have made a comeback in the recent years and these food items have regenerated much public interest.

The fermentation process involves flourishing of bacteria like lactobacilli and bifidobacteria that enrich food with probiotics. And the good bacteria found In fermented foods helps in the digestion process by breaking down starches. sugar and lactose in the food. Also, many fermented foods are plant based and hence are a good choice for vegans. And though there are plenty of healthy fermented foods, here are some fermented, gut-healthy foods you should include in your diet.

Healthy Fermented Foods


Being an excellent probiotic food, yogurt helps promote gut health. But while buying yogurt, make sure it contains live and active cultures. Raw and unpasteurized yogurt is best, but in case you are looking for diary-free options, yogurt made from almonds or coconut milk are also available in many stores. However, try to stay away from yogurt with sugar and always choose the plain version.


Natto is made from soya beans – and fermented with bacillus bacteria. It is an excellent source of dietary fibre, iron, calcium and vitamin K2. This vitamin maintains heart health and gets calcium to your bones. Natto also contains some anti clogging agents which are beneficial in lowering blood pressure and is thus good for the heart and brain.


Similar to drinking-style yogurt, kefir comes with many health benefits and reduces irritation in the intestines, by preventing the entry of some harmful pathogens into the blood. However, while choosing kefir, make sure you buy the organic and free of refined sugar kind.


This is prepared by using salt, cabbage and water and heated in low temperature to prevent the killing of many helpful microbes. The probiotic content of sauerkraut is helpful for digestive health and some studies have also found it effective in preventing the formation of cancer cells.


It is one of the traditional Indian drinks with rich probiotic properties. Lassi is made by combining yogurt, milk or water with added spices and fruits. The drink gets digested easily and restores helpful gut bacteria. It also helps get rid of irritation in the colon.

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