Why You Should Kill Your Ego

Why You Should Kill Your Ego

Confidence is the key to becoming successful in every aspect of your life, right from your work to relationships and everything in-between. But what happens when it gets a little out of hand? It starts preventing you from harnessing the power of your self-confidence.

An inflated ego isn’t confidence. Instead, it’s an undeserved feeling of self-importance that leads to delusions and ultimately, hinders your ability to be yourself. Your ego is what can tear you apart and that’s just the beginning! An unhealthy ego also often proves to be unjustified and can end up destroying you. Hence, it is imperative that you protect yourself from the damaging effects of your ego which can also prevent you from the following:

Becoming A Social Person
When you are egoistic, you become a lone wolf. And although your egotistic self does attract people, they’re usually the wrong people: other ego-maniacs and opportunists. Therefore, the people you actually want to attract are usually repelled by your ego.

Putting Yourself In Challenging Situations
An egotistical person ends up missing out on new opportunities and experiences to grow.

Listening To Other People
This happens because you feel the need to assert yourself by talking and not letting others talk habitually, because you fear they might challenge you in some way. As a result, you don’t learn anything.

Taking Criticism Positively
You take any criticism personally, confining yourself to your own little world.

Therefore, your ego ultimately prevents you from getting better – whether it’s in your personal or professional life. Also, when you see the world through your egoistic eyes, you do that from a place of fear, which is the fear of hurting your ego! As a result, you avoid hurting your ego by avoiding living life and that permanently blocks the road to reach your full potential.

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