When It’s Time To Quit Your Job

When It’s Time To Quit Your Job

Many of us are often trapped in mediocre jobs that make us feel complacent to some extent (due to a decent salary and good colleagues). So, instead of leaving it to find better suited jobs, we start making excuses to stay on for just a while, which could turn out to be months and even years! So here are some signs that indicate it’s time to quit your job.

You’re Mostly Unhappy And Dread Going To Work

If on most days at work, you feel bored, unhappy, misunderstood, depressed or disrespected, it’s time to quit! If you feel dreadful about the next day at office when you go to sleep at night, or wait to somehow survive those seemingly long office hours, it’s an obvious sign to submit your resignation.

You Experience Health Hazards

Are your long work hours making you compromise with your sleep, or don’t give you enough time to eat healthily or exercise? Is the stress getting on your nerves? Are you suffering from back pain, high blood pressure, and anxiety just due to insane work pressures? If yes, quit right away because your overall well-being isn’t worth sacrificing over a job.

You Have A Toxic Work Environment

Perpetually complaining colleagues, an unhappy and unreasonable boss, excessive workload – all make it such a pessimistic setting that you just want to run away.

You Feel Stagnant In Your Career

If your job doesn’t offer you growth opportunities and the company doesn’t support your career’s development, not quitting would mean hindering your own career.

Benefits Of Quitting Your Job At The Opportune Time

  • You get your eroding hope and motivation back on track
  • You reclaim your elusive mental peace
  • Time to reassess your career goals
  • Can apply to jobs that really suit your qualification, experience, and personality
  • Can put a stop to the detrimental effects of a bad job on your physical and emotional health
  • You can get your personal and social life back on track, which are the first to be sacrificed, while handling a bad job that puts tremendous pressure and demands on your time
  • You may find jobs that will encourage your growth and recognition

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