Dance The Kilos Away With Masala Bhangra

Dance The Kilos Away With Masala Bhangra

Going on a holiday is the best time of the year for almost everyone. You come back with a lot of memories, pictures and much more. But there is one thing we all wish that could be left back and that is, those extra kilos gained while on vacation! The post vacation work out plans hardly materialize due to the monsoons. But, if losing all the weight you gained during your holiday ¡s still on your agenda, then a specially designed masala bhangra workout regime could surely put you back on track.

Some Of The Moves

Dhol Beat
Move to the left with tour taps of the foot and the hands as though playing the drum and swing to the right with four taps of the foot again with bhangra arms up in the air. Repeat.

Bhangra Push
Take the right toot ahead and tap thrice moving toward the right with your arm out pulling inwards or bhangra arm variation. Repeat the same with the left leg. Bhangra push can also be done turning all around.

Tap your right toot while you clap left down, then tap your left foot while you dap right down then continue the tap of the right and left foot with your arms above your head with a flower opening gesture. The wrists of both right and left arm need to meet.

Power Bhangra
This is one of the most intensive steps in masala bhangra. Join both feet and hands near your thighs with your palms facing outwards and fingers stretched out. Jump forward and back keeping the feet joined and throw your arms back and forth. Repeat the same on the other side.

Bhangra Up And Over
This movement helps work the thighs a lot. Face forward with your feet apart. Now lift the right leg as high as you can and cross over the left leg tap it and bring it back. Repeat the same with your left leg. You can add bhangra arms to this as well.

The Perfect Indoor Workout

This indoor workout is perfect because not only is it intense, it is also the most energetic tun workout. It is a non-stop one hour session which can help one bum up to 500 calones per session and also enhances the body’s endurance and balance. The workout is universal since every move involves movement of most parts of the body that makes it challenging as well as vigorous.

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