Ways To Increase Intimacy In Your Marriage

Ways To Increase Intimacy In Your Marriage

Keeping your marriage going strong is tough. You can build and strengthen your marital intimacy by sharing your opinions, thoughts, and feelings with each other along with having some fun sprinkled with a bit of laughter and surprise! Here are some more tips.

Keep Physical Intimacy Alive

All action doesn’t need to happen between the sheets (though that’s important too)! A good morning and good night hug or kiss each day, holding hands when going grocery shopping or a leisurely walk – all can be effective.

Nurture The Romance

From a handcrafted card with ‘I love you’ scribbled on it to a surprise gift for your spouse (which could be a game ticket, a spa session or an impromptu family get-together), show you care and love with small gestures and acts.

Team Up To Have Fun

Dinner and movie dates are good, but go beyond and be a little more active by hiking or cycling or hitting the gym together. Even a visit to the museum, attending a concert, watching your favorite sports could be good to strengthen your recreational intimacy.

Talk And Share Your Opinions Thoughts And Dreams

Don’t expect your spouse to be a mind reader. Whether it’s a plan of your dream home, preparing the monthly budget, an issue that’s troubling you, or a discussion about the last book you read, share and discuss them with your spouse, as doing this will build and strengthen intimacy between the two of you.

Advantages Of Intimacy

  • You will experience the feel-good factor of having a successful relationship
  • You will be able to handle daily stress as your stable relation would act as a strong support base
  • Even when situations become adverse or you have to face a crisis, knowing you have a strong relationship to fall back on, helps in handling them
  • A strong intimate marital relationship not only has positive effects on your mental health but also helps you stay physically healthy with improved blood flow, low cholesterol, and better weight management
  • Most importantly, marital intimacy also keeps you more involved and committed to the relationship

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