Smartphone Addiction: 7 Creative ways to Break Your Child’s Gadget Addiction

Nowadays, a kid might not know how to talk or write but he/she knows very well how to use a smartphone? Your children using the phone better than you today. Video games and mobile games have taken place instead of outdoor games. When kids are playing the games on your mobile, they ignore your messages and calls. Moreover, they behave aggressively and irritated when the phone is taken from them. Then, parents need to take steps because your children might have addicted to smartphones.

As a parent, first of all, you must know about the detrimental effects of mobiles on kids. Following are the a few adverse effects on children due to smartphones:

  • Depression
  • Behavioural problems
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Hearing Issues
  • Obesity
  • Nervous system problems

In addition to the above problems, the children are more likely to be effected by phone radiation. They have a thin skull and small head, so, it is easier to penetrate this radiation deeper into the brain.

As a parent, it is an utmost important thing to protect your child from the smartphone. Are you really worried about how to keep your child away from mobile? Here are some ways to avoid mobile phone addiction in your children and diverted their minds.

Do not introduce a smartphone to your kid early than 2 years

Except for video calls, a baby should not be exposed to media until 18 months of age. When we implement media at this age it has to be a small amount and should be educational value matter. Generally, we only introduce smartphones to our kids to keep them silent when crying. In this way, they are habituated for it. However, it’s better to not introducing the mobile to kids below two years.

Indoor or Outdoor Activities

The best way to keep the mind of your child diverted is to let him do more often his favorite indoor or outdoor activity. If they are not involved in any specific activity let them do some interesting hobby.

Keep your Child Engaged

Despite diminishing playgrounds, kids are gradually being forced to live indoors. As a result, the children spend their time either playing games with toys or addicted smartphones. To stop this, take your kid out to the park or nearby playground and let him spend his time playing and running. If this is not possible, then join him in a sports club.

Bond with your Child

In these days, most parents are busy in their lives with employment. So, there is no time to maintain a deep bond with their children. It is very important to take the time out for your children and make

bonding. Moreover, join your children in enjoying your interests like listening to music, watching movies, playing board games, etc. It will keep your child away from smartphones.

Set Passwords

If you set the password for your phone, your children are unable to use the mobile without open the lock. Moreover, they do not use it if you are away from them. It is one of the best choices to cut your child’s smartphone addiction.

Be a Good Example

It’s is a very crucial time for your kids when they are growing older because he/ she learns to imitate you and learn from what you are doing. Parents are the first role model for the child. So, it is better to limit  your smartphone usage time and it helps to have more time to play with your kids. These times of interaction with your kid plays a vital role in a child’s growth and creating towards child and parent relationship.

Maintain Strict Rules on Smartphone Usage

  • No smartphones on dinning.
  • Don’t use the phone when your kid is around.
  • No phone before sleeping on the bed.
  • Don’t give the mobile before finishing the homework.

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