Smart Parenting Skills

Smart Parenting Skills

Being a ‘parent’ is no easy task and being a ‘great’ parent is commendable. Parents, in general, follow the guidelines projected by the community they live in. These guidelines may or may not be effective and are unique to environments and individuals. Changing trends in parenting are encouraging parents to adopt in order to be accepted. Parenting children of various age groups across different cultures is an overwhelming experience, demanding continuity and implementation. There are no fixed rules to be followed when parenting a child. A great deal depends on trial and error as well as learning on the part of the parent as well as the child.

Parenting comes with a sense of purpose that indicates towards engaging children in the real world. It’s important to view the ideas parents are driven by. Such ideas work only if parents themselves are engaged in managing relationships and imparting skills to the child. When parenting begins to border on paranoia and the child begins to be affected by the style of parenting, this may lead to unhealthy parenting patterns.

A few ideas can be kept in mind while we carry on with the all-encompassing task of becoming smart parents.

  • Love and affection should be in the forefront or background at all times
  • Managing and teaching stress management to the child
  • Stop cautioning the child for everything; teach autonomy and independence
  • Teach the child some basics of personal health management
  • Life skills and rational thinking are essential to the upbringing of the child which can be strengthened with repeated exposure and trials. This gets strengthened over a period of time with repeated exposure
  • Children need to be taught about safety measures and how important it is for their wellness
  • Focusing more the positive aspects rather than the negative in various situations
  • Accepting challenges and guiding children how to overcome them
  • Teaching relationship management

The above points are far from exhaustive when it comes to parenting. Nevertheless, they indicate towards making children ready for the real world. We as parents should try not to micro-manage our children’s life; instead, the focus should be on making them ready for the world they live in.

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