Science and Technology 2020: Inventions and Discoveries

Evolution of Science and Technology is definitely a boon where we human beings got to know a lot about the world we live in. Development in Technology results in advancement in science and even aids in revolutionizing several fields like education, medicine, agriculture, etc. Science and Technology have created a huge impact on our lives and without it, many things in the modern world would have been impossible.

Each year several inventions and discoveries happen which give an edge to Science and Technology. However, discoveries and innovations have a vital role to play even in competitive exams like PSC, SSC, UPSC, etc. To help you in gaining knowledge we have come up with the list of Discoveries and Innovations in Science and Technology.

Inventions and Discoveries List in Science and Technology

We have compiled a list of latest innovations and what future can hold. Get to know about some of the facts of technology that you may not be aware of by going through. An incredible advancement has been made in Science and Technology over the past 20 years. Some may find the future of technology unsettling and for some it is exciting. Let’s have a look at some of the quirky facts about technology that might surprise you.

New Ink discovered by scientists

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and National Physical Laboratory discovered a new ink to combat the problem of fake printing of currency notes and passports. It has a security feature that protects from duplicity.

  • The new ink is developed based on fluorescence and phosphorescence phenomena.
  • It comes with a single excitable dual emissive luminescent pigment.
  • With this ink, the color of the pigment changes once the notes are printed.
  • Developed Ink shows white color in ambient light and when exposed to UV light turns into red color. If the UV source is switched off it appears into green color.

Discovery of Paper Sensor

Scientists of IIT Guwahati developed a simple paper kit to test the freshness of the milk. You can know whether pasteurization is done well or not.

  • It comes with a Smartphone app that ensures milk is consumed before it turns sour.
  • Milk enzyme ALP is an indicator of the quality of the milk. ALP indicates the presence of microbes that are active even after pasteurization.
  •  Researchers used an ordinary filter paper impregnated with chemical probes that bind with ALP.
  • Whenever ALP comes in contact with the probe, the white paper is turned colored.
  • These Color changes are captured with a smartphone camera and the images are processed to obtain corresponding color values.
  • Further, these values are compared with standard values stored on the phone.
  •  The paper sensor not just detects the presence of ALP, but also the amount of it in the milk.

World’s Largest Supercomputer SpiNNaker

SpiNNaker is the world’s largest supercomputer designed to think similarly to the way a human brain does.

  • It is a Spiking Neural Network architecture that can model various biological machines than any other device in the planet.
  • SpiNNaker can finish more than 200 million actions in a second, with each other of its chips having 100 million transistors.
  • The supercomputer is unique from all others as it doesn’t send information from point A to point B like any other computer.

Hyperloop Technology

Hyperloop is a new form of ground transport that runs free of friction. It is a tube modular transport system by which we people or objects can be moved safely. This technology has minimal impact on the environment. If this Hyperloop system becomes successful we can cover longer distances too in a short span of time.  In fact, it covers a distance of 35Kms in 5 mins.

Secretagogin Protein

Scientists at Hyderabad based CSIR and CCMB demonstrated the Secretagogin Protein. The role of this protein is to increase insulin action in obesity-induced diabetes.  The process usually regulates secretion,  insulin synthesis, signaling and maturation in diabetes.

Diarrhoea vaccine ETVAX

Researchers of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden developed a vaccine named ETVAX. The primary cause behind Diarrhoea is Enterotoxigenic E.coli (ETEC) bacteria. Newly developed Vaccine ETVAX consists of E.coli with a high level of protective antigens along with ETEC-based B subunit protein LCTBA.


CSIR-IITR developed an affordable water disinfection system that meets the requirements of potable water in both rural and urban areas. Disease-causing pathogens including fungi, viruses, protozoa, bacteria, and cysts are removed from water thus making it safe for domestic use. This technology is named Oneer as “O” stands for singlet oxygen and neer for water. In fact, it is based on the principle of anodic oxidation.

How cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability?

William G Kaelin, Jr., Peter J. Ratcliffe, and Gregg L. Semenza identified the machinery of molecules that help in regulating the gene activity in response to changing oxygen levels. Their discovery gives new strategies to fight against cancer, anaemia and several other diseases.

Exoplanet Orbiting a Solar-Type Star

Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz received Nobel prize for their discovery regarding Exoplanet Orbiting a Solar-Type Star. Usually, an exoplanet or extrasolar planet is a planet that orbits a star beyond the solar system. Scientists used the radial velocity method for this discovery.

Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion Batteries are used everywhere to power the portable electrons that we use to communicate, study, work and search for knowledge. The major advantage behind using these batteries is they are based on the lithium ions flowing back and forth between anode and cathode, unlike the chemical reactions that breakdown the electrode.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is secure, cryptography-based and distributed across the network. It supports cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and the transfer of any digital asset or data. You can transfer digital goods eliminating the need for centralized authorization of transactions. It is a Public Ledger System that records and validates each and every transaction making it reliable and secure.

We believe the knowledge shared above regarding Inventions and Discoveries helped you to an extent. For more information do reach us through the comment section so that we can help you at the earliest possible.

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