Ratha Saptami Muggulu: Best Ratham Chariot Rangoli, Kolam Designs You Should Try for Magha Saptami Pooja

Ratha Saptami Special Rangoli Designs 2021: Hindus of South India and some parts of North Indian celebrate the Ratha Saptami festival by worshiping the Sun. This year, Ratha Saptami is going to celebrate on February 19th, 2021. According to the Hindu calendar, people believe that the Saptami of the Shukla paksha of Magh month is called Ratha Saptami. On this day, people create Ratha Saptami Muggu with Chukkallu which marks as a Vahana of Suryadev. After making the Ratha Saptami Rangoli design, people worship Lord Bhaskara and take blessings for good health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness.

Beautiful Ratha Saptami Muggulu to Decore your Homes

People do Rathasaptami Muggulu with different colors and celebrates the day with full of joy. During this day, people will keep a competition of Ratha Saptami Kolam and distribute prizes. So, decore your homes with Colorful Ratha Saptami Rangoli designs 2021 before starting the Ratha Saptami puja.

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Mostly, in the olden days, people make the Ratha Saptami Kolam design with plain white color and now people are using different colors and making Ratha Saptami Rangoli designs even more attractive and beautiful. If you want to make a beautiful design of Ratha Saptami Muggu in front of your house or in a competition, then check this page and choose the most interesting and amazing Ratha Saptami 2021 Rangoli designs.

Here are some of the beautiful Ratha Saptami Muggulu, Kolam designs for decorating your houses.

Radhasapthami color rangoli kolam || Radham muggulu designs with dots

Ratha saptami rangoli | Sudha Balaji | Ratham muggulu

Simple Ratham Kolam with 10 dots | Rathasapthami Kolam | Ratham Muggulu | Make Rangoli

Ratha Saptami Puja Vidanam

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That’s it for the day! We hope the mentioned colorful rangoli designs for the Ratha Saptami festival 2021 add a touch to your Ratha Saptami Muggu art. If you need more beautiful rangoli designs and the Significance of Ratha Saptami 2021, feel free to leave a comment below. Visit our site frequently and get full updates on every festival.

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