OpenAI Might Go Bankrupt by End of 2024, ChatGPT Costing over Rs 5.80 Crore per Day: Report

OpenAI, the non-profit artificial intelligence research company, is facing a financial crisis. A report by Analytics India Magazine has stated that the company might go bankrupt by the end of 2024.

The report cites two main reasons for OpenAI’s financial woes. First, it costs the company around $700,000 (Rs 5.8 crore) per day to run just one of its AI services, ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a large language model that can generate text, translate languages, and write different kinds of creative content. It is one of the most popular AI services in the world, but it is also very expensive to run.

Second, OpenAI has seen a decline in user engagement over recent months. This is likely due to a number of factors, including the rising cost of ChatGPT, the increasing availability of other AI services, and the growing concerns about the potential dangers of AI.

As a result of these financial difficulties, OpenAI is facing a number of challenges. The company is struggling to raise new funding, and it is facing pressure from its investors to become more profitable. OpenAI is also facing competition from other AI companies, such as Google and Microsoft.

If OpenAI does not find a way to turn things around, it is likely to go bankrupt by the end of 2024. This would be a major blow to the AI community, as OpenAI is one of the leading research organizations in the field. It would also raise concerns about the future of AI, as a company that was once seen as a leader in the field is now struggling to survive.

It is still too early to say for sure whether OpenAI will be able to avoid bankruptcy. However, the company is facing some serious challenges, and it will need to make some significant changes if it wants to stay afloat.

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