Balance Flexibility And Relaxation With Rope Yoga

Balance Flexibility And Relaxation With Rope Yoga

We are all familiar with the benefits of practicing yoga on a daily basis, for a healthy and energised life. Yoga has many forms and one such form that is becoming hugely popular is rope yoga. It is a form of yoga that uses a rope attached to a wall to perform each asana. Many celebrities are turning to rope yoga and one such celebrity is actress Avani Modi.

The actress hails from Gandhinagar in Gujarat and will soon be seen in director Madhur Bhandarkar’s aCalendar Girls.’ Avani moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in acting and began doing theatre plays and modelling before joining films. Avani says becoming an actor was the reason why she was born. “I feel like I am born for the celluloid. I have to contribute a lot to the world of performance and arts. Since my school days, I have imagined myself as an actress.”

Avani got to perform rope yoga in her Tamil film ‘Strawberry’ in which she played the role of an NRI girl who is a scientist. Her character was that of a fitness freak and in order to do something different, rope yoga was chosen. However, the actress admits to being scared when she tried it for the first time.

She says, “To be honest I was scared at first because you need immense perfection for this form of yoga as single mistake can damage your muscles. But I had a trainer to help me, so I did it with relative ease. I remember, we shot for a whole day, just for a one minute sequence in the film. I had never done yoga for so long before.”

According to Avani, “Rope yoga is very different and difficult compared to other forms of yoga. It is however, very helpful for people suffering from spine issues as It gives complete balance of the body which other forms of yoga don’t.”

Avani is a big supporter of yoga and the reason she loves it so much Is because of its numerous benefits. She says, “To practise yoga irrespective of the form, Is very important, as It makes one feel peaceful and positive. And apart from the benefits for the body, it keeps one mentally and emotionally healthy too.” In her bid to promote rope yoga, Avani plans to associate herself with a few organizations soon.

Though unlike regular yoga, this form has its own limitations as there are not many asanas that can be performed on a rope. A big fan of working out, Avani feels it does not matter what type of workout you do, as long as you workout, be it at the gym or yoga. She says, “Working out in any form Is very important. I don’t go to the gym much, but I do yoga. I believe it should be an individual choice and I want to encourage people just to workout in which ever form they like.”

Rope yoga is very different and difficult compared to other forms of yoga and creates complete balance of the body which other forms of yoga don’t

Avani was selected for her role in Madhur Bhandarkars new film from 1500 girls after two rounds of auditions and the actress says it Is a dream come true for her, On working with the eminent director, she says “Madhur Bhandarkar is an amazing person. He is not just a great director but a fantastic human being too. He is one of the most stylish directors we have in our industry and his films are the reflection of our society. He catches the nuances of every industry so well that everyone can relate to his film in one way or the other.”

The actress was recently honoured with the title of Grand Marshall by the Indian Business Association to the 11th India Parade. The IBA is based in New Jersey and has been serving the Indo-American community living there for the past 20 years. About 38,000 people were present at the parade that took place in New Jersey’s Little India. Speaking at the event Avani said, “No matter where Indians immigrate to, they continue to be filled with passion for India.”

Dos And Don’ts Of Rope Yoga


  • Start with the base level and then try the rope.
  • Practice it at least once a week.


  • Never do it without a trainer.
  • Don’t stretch for too long.
  • Never practice it if you have back injuries.

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