Follow These Dos And Don’ts For Setting Goals

Follow These Dos And Don’ts For Setting Goals

Your success in life immensely depends on the goals you set. Without goals, you lack direction and planning. Nevertheless, the fact is – goals can either be positive factors or nuisances. For the most part, they’re greatly helpful, but on the flip side, setting unrealistic goals and rushing to achieve them may make you spiral down the rabbit hole!

Therefore, setting goals can be quite a tricky procedure. So, if you’ve gone off the track of your goal progress, don’t be demotivated, just go through these tips and you’ll soon get back on track again! Here are some dos and don’ts of goal setting that would make your journey toward success a little smoother.

Once you master the art of goal setting with these dos and don’ts, you can develop faith and eventually, the confidence to take on the seemingly impossible challenges

The Dos

Start Small:
Don’t get overwhelmed by your goals. Make sure that you see the finish line at the beginning and have broken down your bigger goal into smaller chunks that can be achieved within a short period. Once you have some momentum going, you can always move onto bigger goals.

Be Specific:
Avoid generalities such as ‘get in shape.’ Instead, set specific goals like ‘workout 30 minutes every day before work for three weeks. ‘

Set Rewards:
Positive reinforcement is a crucial force for change. Knowing there’s a reward waiting on the other side of the challenge can act as just the incentive you need to get over the barriers.

The Don’ts

Everyone has a million of reasons not to get started right now. Stop procrastination and don’t resort to excuses. Just get to it right now!

Expect Perfection:
Let’s face it. You might not be able to meet every goal you set or attain on your very first attempt. But don’t allow the setbacks, if any, to get the better of you. Instead, try to recognize the smaller achievements. This will help you find a sense of self-worth and start generating positive thoughts.

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