Don’t Chase Happiness Let It Find you!

Don’t Chase Happiness Let It Find you!

“Try to do small acts of kindness as there is immense happiness in giving, but do this without any expectations”

Life is an adventurous journey and everyone has a choice to move forward In this travel. Some take it as an easy stroll and some take it as a challenge. But remember, it is a journey of a life and doesn’t get over in a stipulated time. As long as you are in this journey, you have to make sure to be comfortable by withstanding all obstacles that occur in the journey. The more flexible you are, the better you can adopt and embrace the newness in life.

Be Open To Change

As Confucius has pointed out, “The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm” – thus, resistance creates friction. This friction not only increases the negative field around you, but it also doesn’t allow you to understand and analyse the situation. So, be open to the changes and challenges that happen in your life.When you are open to these changes without any resistance and judgement, you tend to understand the people involved in it and the intricacy of the situation that paves a way to deal with it.

You may have experienced a situation, whereby you are not able to find your keys or an important document when you desperately search for it. You search everywhere and get exhausted and then vent your frustration on others and on yourself. But after a while when you are not looking for it any more, it shows up on its own, on a couch or at some other familiar place where you had already searched. This is how life works. When you chase something out of desperation, or frustration you never find it!

Don’t Worry About The Result

Invest yourself in the acts of lite with complete dedication without any expectations. Don’t worry about the outcome, but just do it, because the emotions you invest in a particular task will reflect back on you. If your emotions are positive, the end product will be positive and if you are negative while doing a task, the negativity will reflect back as failure.

However, you may come across failure even if you put your soul in a particular task, but don’t worry about it. Remember there is a fortune in misfortune. At that point in time, the outcome might not be the one you expected. but it gives you the experience and strength that is helpful in dealing with the same kind of situation in future. So, it is an opportunity for your future growth.

Don’t Expect Gratitude

Lite is like a boomerang. What you throw at it, comes back. So spread positivity. It comes back in abundance and makes you happy. Help others and be there for them without any expectations. Try to do small acts of kindness as there is immense happiness in giving but do this without any expectations. Also, you don’t need to be rich to carry out acts of kindness. Try paying somebody’s bus charge or buy them food. Nevertheless, don’t expect any gratitude but realise that you were given an opportunity to be kind. When you travel on this journey called lite with kindness and positvity, happiness inevitably comes into your life and you don’t need to chase it.

Go The Extra Mile To Help

Furthermore, always keep your ego in check. When you have a choice between picking right or kind, pick kind. Stop seeing yourself as a separate intelligent or rich person compared to others and start connecting yourself to others, as we are all the same and from the same source. Go the extra mile to help others and be there for them. Realise your worth as a kind human being and don’t let others crumple you with their negativity. Even It your life situations crumple you, don’t let your worthiness down. You are what you are and maintain it with dignity.

Shun Your Ego

Go through life with regular introspection to comprehend your limitations and strengths to lead a happy life. Ask yourself, ‘what makes me happy and why does it make me happy?’ Once you realise this, put 100 per cent into your task and don’t take any deviations. Remember, you are doing it because you like it. You are not doing it to impress or get validation from somebody.

For every moment of your lite, you can make a decision either to be the host of God or hostage of your ego. Ego is your false self, When you are true to yourself, the ego withers away. You are not here to push lite to make it a struggle. You are here to enjoy it at every stage of your life. So, live in contentment. Do small things to accomplish big things by taking small steps.

Revel In Nature

Take time off tor yourself. Take some time to be with nature and admire its beauty. Appreciate the greatness of nature like birds chirping and blooming flowers. During dawn and dusk nature speaks to you in its freshness. In the presence of nature you will receive guidance, as we are all from the same source of nature. You will realise happiness is not anyplace else, but in yourself! And all you have to do is find it!

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