Coronavirus: CBSE releases preventive measures for examination centres

NEW DELHI: Examination centres are to seat students at a minimum distance of one metre during the exam, as per Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) latest directions, in an effort to encourage social distancing which is now being seen as the key to containing the coronavirus pandemic.

The board has also advised assistant superintendents to cover their nose and mouth with face masks or handkerchiefs etc. during invigilation duty. Teachers have been directed to carry their own hand sanitizers to exam halls.

As per CBSE preventive measures, students who are coughing or sneezing are to be seated separately while appearing for the exam. The board has also advised centres to maintain utmost hygiene by regularly disposing garbage bags and take extra measures to keep toilets clean.

Other than these measures, the invigilators have been directed to announce in exam halls that students are not allowed stand in groups before and after the examination and to not shake hands or hug while greeting. Do ‘Namaste’.

As of Monday, board exams for 51 out of 165 subjects were yet to be held, with only seven subjects left which have candidature of more than one lakh students of CBSE-affiliated schools in India and abroad. These exams of major subjects have been scheduled for 17th 18th, 20h, 21st, 23rd, and 24th of March. In rest of the subjects, candidates range between 3,000 to 58,000 approximately.

Remember to wash your hands if you:

🤧 Blow your nose, cough or sneeze
🚌 Use public transport
💵 Handle money, animals or garbage
⛪ Visit markets or places of worship
😷 Care for a sick person
🥣 Eat
🚽 Use the toilet or change babies’ diapers
🧐 Notice your hands are visibly dirty
🏙️ Visit any public spaces
✋ Touch any public surfaces

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