CBSE introduces Applied Mathematics: All You Need To Know – Important FAQs Answered

CBSE Introduces Applied Mathematics Subject for Higher Classes: From academic session 2020-21, CBSE has introduced the subject of Applied Mathematics for Class 11 students. Get Complete Details about Applied Mathematics Subjects, goal behind its introduction, advantages and disadvantages of opting for it from an expert.

Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced a new and complete subject called “Applied Mathematics” for class 11th and 12th students starting this year. The CBSE Applied Mathematics subject has Code 241. The subject would be available as a main or academic elective subject, and at the same time the present CBSE Maths subject, however, does not change.

Need for Applied Maths Subject

CBSE already offers two levels of Mathematics: One basic (easy) and other is standard (tough, not tough but as compared for Class 10. “Basic” is for those who do not want to continue studying Maths after Class 10 and “Standard” is for those who want to continue maths.

Now, came the thought that those who don’t want to continue or not allowed to take maths with Maths (code 041) which has Trigonometry, Vectors, 3D, etc which discourage many students to not to opt for Maths in seniors classes, still should be given a chance to understand the practical need of it, so CBSE came up with Applied Maths (code 241).

Hence from this session that is about to begin/started students in higher classes will have the option to choose between ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Applied Mathematics”.

Applied Mathematics: A practical approach to Mathematics
Mathematics is widely used in higher studies in the field of Economics, in B.A (Eco. Hons.), M.A (Eco., maths is optional), B.B.A., B.Com (Hons.), MBA (in many you where you calculate annuity and further value of money), etc. It has been observed that the existing syllabus of Mathematics is more inclined towards Science subjects, but does not directly go well with Commerce or Social Science-based subjects in university education.

So, CBSE understood the need of the students and hence introduced one more elective course in Mathematics syllabus will be offered for Sr. Secondary classes with an aim to provide students relevant experience in Mathematics, to do higher studies easily where mathematics is needed but not as major but as a support.

The idea behind introducing this subject is to make it relevant for those who do not want to study core Mathematics but use it for data interpretation (binary system and encryptions ), business (annuity and probability), finance (effective rate and money growth formulae), and other similar things.

FAQs on Applied Maths Subject for CBSE Students

With this quick read, one must get the gist of Applied Maths, but at the same time you may many doubts and questions, following is the list of FAQs, that could help you finding your answers.

Question 1: Can I take Applied maths, if I passed Class 10 CBSE with Basic Maths (Subject Code: 241)?

Answer: Yes, You can.

Question 2: Can I take Regular Maths (Subject Code: 041), if I passed Class 10 CBSE with Basic Maths (Subject Code: 241)?

Answer: No, You will have to appear for re-exam to opt for it. However, only for this session due to COVID- 19, Schools have been empowered to allow students to take even Regular Maths (Subject Code 041) without any re-exam, if they feel the concerned students has the necessary aptitude for it.

Question 3: Can I take any of the two math subjects, if I passed Class 10 CBSE with Standard Maths (Subject Code: 041)

Answer: Yes, You can.

Question 4: Can I do Maths (Hons.), if have taken Applied Maths?

Answer: No.

Question 5: Will Applied Maths Subject help in BBA and similar test preparation?

Answer: Yes, definitely.

Question 6: Can I do BBA after opting for Applied Maths?

Answer: Yes.

Question 7: Is this Maths acceptable in all the universities in INDIA?

Answer: As of now, it is unclear, if all universities will accept Applied Maths subject for admission purposes.

Question 8: Will Applied Maths be accepted as part of their eligibility criteria for all courses, or are there exceptions?

Answer: As of now, it is unclear, if all Applied Maths will be accepted as a qualifying eligibility criteria for all courses.

Question 9: I am very much confused between Applied Maths and Regular Maths?

Answer: In case you are unable to decide righ away, you may continue with Regular Maths, as with this you will be able to apply and are eligible for any maths-related course.

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