CBSE Class 10 English Summary and Revision Notes

Students here are the CBSE Class 10 English Summary, which helps you understand the topics easily within a few minutes. Preparing for CBSE Board Exams 2020 properly and accurately can make you achieve your goals. So, we have come up with the Summary of Class 10 English Literature Reader, First Flight, Footprints Without Feet & Main Course Book in the form of audio files this time.

Well, students will you agree to this? – “Students Listen for Longer than Watch or Read”. If yes, then use our given CBSE 10th English Main Course Book Summary Audio Clips and learn the lessons easily along with multiple tasks. The benefit of using podcasts is, it develops various important skills like:

  • Writing
  • Researching
  • Effective Speaking
  • Solving Problems
  • Managing Time
  • Enhancing Vocabulary
  • Grabbing Attention on the concept

So, you can learn these many skills along with the topics of English subject while listening to the audio clips of CBSE Class 10 English Main Course Book Summary.

The main motive to introduce this CBSE Class 10 English Literature Reader Summary is to grasp the concepts of Class 10 English CBSE Syllabus quickly and save some extra time for preparing to the CBSE Board Exams 2020 in the respective subject. So, Click on the Play icon and listen to these topic-wise CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Summary Audio Files/Podcasts and score good marks in the board examination 2020.

CBSE Class 10 English Literature Notes

Two Gentlemen of Verona Summary


Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger Summary


Also Refer in Text Format (in English and Hindi): CBSE Class 10 English Summary (English Literature, FootPrints without feet and First Flight)

The Letter Summary


A Shady Plot Summary


Patol Babu, Film Star Summary


Virtually True Summary


The Frog and the Nightingale Summary


Mirror Summary


Not Marble, nor the Gilded Monuments Summary


Ozymandias Summary


The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Summary


Snake Summary


The Dear Departed Summary


Julius Caesar Summary

CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Notes

Class 10 English First Flight Notes

A Letter to God Summary


Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Summary


Two Stories about Flying Summary


From the Diary of Anne Frank Summary


The Hundred Dresses – I Summary


The Hundred Dresses – II Summary


Glimpses of India Summary


Mijbil the Otter Summary


Madam Rides the Bus Summary


The Sermon at Benares Summary


The Proposal Summary

Class 10 English First Flight Poem Notes

Dust of Snow Summary

Fire and Ice Summary


A Tiger in the Zoo Summary


How to Tell Wild Animals Summary


The Ball Poem Summary


Amanda Summary


Animals Summary


The Trees Summary


Fog Summary


The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary


For Anne Gregory Summary

CBSE Class 10 English Footprints without Feet Notes


A Triumph of Surgery Summary


The Thief’s Story Summary


The Midnight Visitor Summary


A Question of Trust Summary


Footprints without Feet Summary


The Making of a Scientist Summary


The Necklace Summary


The Hack Driver Summary


Bholi Summary


The Book that Saved the Earth Summary

Also, Class 10 CBSE English Footprints Without Feet Summary Podcasts are available to play & download on your phone memory. Therefore, you can revise any of your Class 10 English subject topics without holding CBSE Class 10 Study Materials.


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