7 Proven ways To Boost Mental Energy!

7 Proven ways To Boost Mental Energy!

Try to experience some challenges in your daily life whether it is exercising, learning a new skill or reading something you don’t normally read!

By changing your habits and integrating new practices into your lives, you can all reap the benefits of nourishing those vital neurons. Many of us nowadays are leading increasingly busier lives and receive information at a faster pace than ever before! But learning how to not only conserve, but making the best use of your mental energy reserves, can be the difference between thriving and surviving. So here, we explore the benefits of increasing your mental energy.

Enhanced willpower, confidence, focus, creativity and of course resilience, can all result from an increase in your mental energy. So understanding what contributes to unleashing it and how you can integrate more of it in your life, is definitely worth a read. All you need is seven minutes to discover seven proven ways to boost your mental energy!

1. Be Clear About Your Purpose

Having clarity of purpose helps to provide your roadmap in life and influences how you spend your time doing certain activities. If you are clear on your purpose, both in the shorter as well as longer-term, you will be clear on what you are working towards and most importantly why! When you have this focus in your life, you will begin to feel more resilient and can prioritize what is important and what is not.

2. Work Smart

Our brains love to focus and not to diffuse. Did you know that switching between tasks frequently burns more of your brain’s fuel, scientifically known as oxygenated glucose? This can lead to mental exhaustion at a quicker rate, rather than focusing on one task at a time. Research also shows that focusing on one task at a time can enable you to complete a task in 25 per cent less time.

3. Respect Your Brain’s Cycle

You have a certain amount of mental energy to use across a 24-hour cycle and once this resource is depleted, your decision-making ability and creativity declines significantly Some of us are at our most creative phase in the early hours of the morning. Whilst for others, this may be late in the evening. The important thing is to recognize what works for you and to aim and focus on the most important and challenging tasks when your mind is feeling at its best.

4. Stimulate Your Mind

Keeping your mind stimulated but not overworked is a fine balance. Feeling mentally challenged can give you mental energy and satisfaction, but having too much can leave you feeling drained. If you don’t have enough challenges in your life, you may feel bored. So try to experience some challenges in your daily life, whether it is exercising, learning a new skill or reading something you don’t normally read. Changing monotonous patterns in your life, can be stimulating and help spark fresh ideas.

5. Exercise

When you exercise, its benefits are for your brain just as much as for your body Regular exercise is proven to improve memory and critical thinking skills. When you exercise, you are a so releasing glucose and oxygen to the brain, which are powerful brain-boosting energizers. So, try to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, whether it’s a brisk walk, yoga, swimming or even dancing. Your brain will thank you for it.

6. Hydrate

Did you know that water can affect your energy levels? Water is not only a huge percentage of the composition of the body, but also an important part of the composition of the brain. When you feel dehydrated, you can feel a loss of energy. When you are well hydrated, your brain will also be hydrated. So start your day with two large glasses of water to hydrate your brain and kick- start your metabolism to be at its best for the day ahead.

7. Sleep

Is your sleep being sabotaged? Using the blue and white lights emitted from digital screens, even for two hours before wishing to sleep, can stop your brain from being able to release melatonin, a hormone that prepares your mind and body for sleep. So, put down your digital device and get some sleep.

Positive Actions

  • Start a diary with a weekly review of actions against your core purpose. Are you dedicating time in line with your core purpose or moving away from it?
  • Identify one thing you could do differently and commit to making that change today.
  • Be aware of when your brain feels most lively and focus on your most important projects.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, two of which should be when the day begins.
  • Check-in on your exercise routine and see what more you can integrate into your daily lifestyle.

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