4 Common Problems That Can Break Your Marriage

4 Common Problems That Can Break Your Marriage

Every couple is unique by nature and the longer they share their lives together, the more likely is the occurrence of complex factors. As time passes by, the spark in the relationship seems to ebb and there could be various reasons behind it. Here are four of the most common factors for the dissolution of a relationship.

1. Trust Issues

Lack of trust is one of the biggest and most harmful factors for a relationship not to thrive. Without it, a relationship misses two of its key pillars: safety and security. Trust issues may arise out of factors like possessiveness, jealousy, emotional infidelity, unreasonable rigidity, lack of dependability and reliability, lack of financial compatibility and lack of emotional support, amongst other factors. If this happens to you, assess honestly if the lack of trust is based on real substance or unjustified fears.

2. Imbalanced Responsibilities

When the flame of love simmer down, the reality of life sets in. In today’s hectic life, expecting your partner to bear the majority of the workload of your relationship will simply ruin it. Equal distribution of the workload is immensely crucial, or your partner will try to leave you.

3. Addictions

Addictions of any kind, from drugs and alcohol to gambling, could be a real deal breaker. With addictions, other vices like infidelity, cheating, and lying often come into the picture.

Remember: you’re not responsible for your partner’s sobriety and you can’t get him/her to stop these vices. This is the decision she needs to make, in time and on his/ her terms.

4. Communication Issues

This is another big reason for break-ups. Contempt is often expressed through criticism, negative judgment or sarcasm regarding the worth of a partner. Contemptuous communication acts like poison that destroys the health of a relationship.

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