Yoga To Stay Young

Yoga To Stay Young

Equal Standing

This posture tries to make the person stand with very little muscle strain as possible. Although it is true that this posture requires very little strain, it is at the same time very difficult to do for a long time as it requires prolonged focus and mental strength to prevent yourself from fidgeting or looking anywhere else. In this posture your big toes must be touching and overall your toes must be spread apart as well, another important aspect of this posture is to engage the thigh muscles and keep an erect position while holding your chin parallel to the floor.

Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises are extremely critical in yoga and in this case, taking audible deep breaths through your nose. These exercises are critical because they help in Increasing the internal heat of the body and relieve sinuses, headaches and internal congestion. On top of this, it done in a relaxed manner, it also helps in relaxing muscles and relieving mental pressures.

Warrior Pose

This is a great pose with great physical as well as mental benefits. As you stand straight facing forward with your legs wide apart, one leg should be placed behind the other as you slowly increase the distance between the two. Bend your front knee to a 90 degree angle as you do this and inhale deeply and outstretch your hands horizontally. Warrior pose is a great exercise to indulge in for increasing your physical balance and concentration; it can also help improve your grounding.

Relaxation Pose

Acclaimed as one of the most important yoga poses of all time, the relaxation pose just needs you to lie down on your back with your feet apart and palms facing up. The key here is to relax and breathe slowly. The posture is meant to relieve stress from the body and bring calmness taking you to a place of tranquillity and peace. This pose is extremely helpful for people to face the day with positive emotions.

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