Why Breastfeeding Is Best For Your Baby

Why Breastfeeding Is Best For Your Baby

The new-born mortality rates are high in India due to poor maternal health and lack of adequate nutrition in new-borns This makes proper care and nutrition during infancy for their lifelong health and well- being. However, new parents are often in a dilemma about the kind of foods their babes need for optimal growth. health and development As a result. they get subjected to all kinds of advice from friends and family members regarding infant formula and appropriate foods.

An infant’s first and formative year of life is unarguably the most critical phase with growth and Changes occurring throughout the body In this stage of their lives. the body demands adequate proteins, carbohydrates, tats, and fibre.

Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is considered to be the safest form of infant food as it is packed with all the key nutrients essential for an infant’s well-being and growth The antibodies. and anti-inflammatory substances present in it help infants to fight off several viruses, bacteria, and diseases such as allergies. respiratory illnesses and bouts of diarrhoea. Moreover, mother’s milk also keeps the baby hydrated and provides natural immune system support, which is critical to infant health All make breastfeeding. a crucial practice for at least first six months of an infant’s life. Here are some essential nutrients mother’s milk offers.

Breast milk is a good source of protein, but post Six months. infants should be fed with protein-rich solid foods too, such as legumes. cereal. vegetables, eggs, and dairy for proper growth and development They need at least 12 grams of proteins per day for their tissue maintenance.

In the first six months of life of an infant. carbohydrates are received from breast milk or infant formula. Although they are present in a variety of infant foods, an infant’s body demands adequate intake level of carbohydrates to optimize growth and to maintain a healthy body weight.

About half of the infants’ daily calorie intake comes from fats, While breast milk is a good source of dietary fats. omega 3 fatty acids obtained from vegetables and fish. are also essential for bran development.

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