What You Should Know About The Weight Watchers Diet

What You Should Know About The Weight Watchers Diet

Weight Watchers is a diet program which began in the year 2015. Since then it has been well-modified to accommodate more clientele. This diet program is based on a smart point system whereby certain foods are marked high on points and some are marked low on points.

The foods are given points based on their composition of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The idea of this diet plan is to keep these smart points as minimal as possible. This is because the foods in excess of carbohydrates and fats are marked higher, whereas foods rich in protein are marked lower. So the objective is to consume foods with the least points.

There are thousands of recipes available for Weight Watcher members to choose from and itS a flexible diet plan allowing some points for cheat meals, restaurant outings, meetings, parties, etc. It is not promoted to be a strict plan. In fact, many foods are allowed and the goal is to not trigger cravings for foods. Therefore, many celebrities abroad have followed this diet plan and seem to have achieved results, particularly in the amount of weight they have lost.

Advantages Of The Diet Plan

  • Calorie counting is easier
  • Healthy food choices are made easier based on the point system
  • There is an option of in-person meetings or personal coaching
  • Bar code scanning of many of the products purchased
  • Tracks progress and accomplishes sustainable weight loss
  • Exercise is tracked

Disadvantages Of The Diet Plan

  • May not be as customized to accommodate clinical conditions or signs and symptoms (if any)
  • Lacks the guidance of an actual nutritionist or a dietician
  • May be expensive
  • Is not peer-reviewed

The Weight Watchers diet plan is great for individuals who are unsure of starting a lifestyle routine. As this plan is less restrictive and more flexible, it may play a huge role for individuals who are just starting off with their weight loss journey, especially those such as busy professionals or food lovers. This may allow more food choices and gradual weight loss results.

Health Tip

Those individuals with diabetes, past history of heart disease, kidney patients and individuals with any diseases should think twice before enrolling for such diet programs. Remember, no program/plan can ever replace the expertise of a qualified nutrition professional.

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