Understanding Why Homeopathy Is Good For Overall Wellness

Understanding Why Homeopathy Is Good For Overall Wellness

“Homeopathy has helped many get rid of some conditions that they were unable to get rid of, with conventional treatment”

An Integrated Approach

We often come across people who can cope with stress effortlessly while others become easily disturbed. But have you ever wondered about what enables a person to remain healthy, despite many noxious environmental influences?

Consider this fact – you are commonly protective of your children’s health and resort to all types of preventive measures from innumerable number of vaccines to unlimited restrictions on small childhood pleasures, like getting drenched in the rain, eating ice creams or chocolates etc.

However, have you ever tried to understand why there is an increased immunological response and decreased resistance of the body? The answer to the above questions are simple. Every person possesses a different defence mechanism which constantly copes with stimuli from internal and external sources.

What do you understand by wellness? Wellness is a combination of physical, mental and emotional well-being. It means holistic health. It Is state when a person feels happy and a sense of well-being, in spite of being in a state of dis-ease. Thus, the term wellness explains much more than merely, physical health, exercise or nutrition and homeopathy is a system of medicine with an integrated approach that takes care of the overall wellness of a patient.

How The Treatment Works

Homeopathy has helped many get rid of some conditions that they were unable to get rid of, with conventional treatment. For example, those suffering with some conditions like eczema, have experienced significant improvement after adopting homeopathy treatment. In this treatment, the patients’ history is first recorded and medicine is prescribed accordingly. Thus, in some cases, the medicine prescribed may be different for a similar condition.

Accordingly, homeopathy is based on individualisation, meaning, every patient suffering from a particular disease cannot be prescribed the same medicines. Each patient has his or her own characteristics and history, which makes their case special. Also, a detailed case history is vital for successful prescription. This is because, homeopathy treats the patient and not the disease. According to homeopathy, a disease is an external manifestation of internal derangement.

If only outward symptoms are treated without addressing the disposition of the patient, it is not possible to cure the patient.

Homeopathy understands the interconnection between mind and body and therefore, makes the patient healthier not just by fighting the symptoms, but also by addressing the root problem – an imbalance in the body. Homeopathic medicines are made from salt and minerals, plants, animal substances and by working at an energetic level, they stimulate the body’s own healing abilities. Theses medicines are based on the principle of ‘like cures like.’

Benefits Of Homeopathy

Since homeopathic medicines are non-toxic and non-habit forming, it is ideal for people of all ages and gender. These medicines are completely safe during pregnancy, during delivery and even for a new-born baby. Also, since the medicines are prepared from natural resources, they have no side-effects. Also, in cases where surgery is indicated, homeopathy is of great help to heal the wounds post- surgery. In several cases, it has even helped patients to avoid surgery.

Diabetic patients too, can take homeopathic pills because the amount of sugar present is very small, Medicines can also be administered in distilled water, In order to avoid pills. Homeopathy also has preventive aspects and hence preserves health. It has also proven its efficacy during times of epidemics, whereby it has cured patients and prevented diseases too.

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed in very low dilution doses, after a unique individualisation process, taking into consideration all the symptoms and characteristics of a particular condition of an individual. It has wide applications right from acute cold, fever and diarrhoea, to several chronic diseases like asthma, migraine, depression, skin ailments and so on.

Worldwide Trust Of Homeopathy

This system of medicine is based on natural laws and has been practised all over the world for almost 250 years. Homeopathy has always been a choice of treatment for all age groups, as it is a safe and effective system of medicine that treats the patient in a mild and gentle manner. In Europe, homeopathy is fast gaining popularity as a leading alternative medicine.

In France, 40 per cent of the population prefer to opt for homeopathic treatment and physicians prescribe them too. Additionally, in the United Kingdom, homeopathy is regarded as a popular alternative medicine. Furthermore, many in western countries advocate homeopathic treatment and there are several homeopathic hospitals that work within their territory.

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