Women: Understanding What Does It Mean To Be A Woman

What It Means To Be A Woman

In spiritually inclined societies, the different gender is not a problem, as your sex is merely a physical entity. li something beyond the physical becomes a living reality within you, you can handle your physical entity with extreme ease.

Finding Expression

There is no ease yet, in the world for a woman in her body, itself. There are very few women who can walk on the street with total ease. All others are terribly conscious of themselves. If a woman can be comfortable in her body, not always conscious about body parts, then she would not have to do anything about finding expression to her feminine nature. If that is her nature that is what would come out.

A rose flower is not struggling to be a rose. It may be struggling for nourishment, but it is not struggling to be fragrant. So, a man or a woman need not struggle to be a man or a woman. It naturally happens. All you need is nourishment and to take away those barriers that are blocking it, that is all.

To be a woman, you do not have to take away the man from the scene and choose to live alone. That is not a solution. If it is your choice to be alone and you are happy by yourself, that is tine. but to be a woman you don’t have to take away the man.

To Be A Woman…

If you live alone, by yourself, then you have to take care of your own survival. In the process of fighting for your day-to-day survival, you may slowly forget what it means to be a woman. because unless you toughen yourself and elbow your way around, what is man’s problem will become your problem. After sometime, you may completely forget what it means to be a woman.

To be a woman, essentially means not to be so driven by the survival process. A woman can relax and enjoy what is around her. Man also needs this. Whatever he earns, whatever is his survival process, he needs to come home and relax, but without a female he is unable to relax. If he is among males, he is always driven – but a little bit of driving is needed, otherwise things won’t happen. So. there needs to be a balance between this relaxation and the drive. That is where the masculine and the feminine play an important role.

If it is your choice to be alone and you are happy by yourself, that is fine, but to be a woman you don’t have to take away the man

Feminine And Masculine Expression

Whether individual people take another person into their life or not, is an individual choice, but socially in terms of humanity, it is very important that feminine finds as much expression as masculine. As we have produced many scientists and engineers, we also have to produce that many artists and that many musicians. If we focus too much on only one, then we will have things driven, but this will destroy the world.

Today, the world is being saved only because fifty per cent of the world is lethargic. It is the lazy people who are saving this planet. With the available technology, if all the seven billion people become alpha males, driving themselves full-scale, this planet will not last very long.

How sad, that human lethargy ¡s saving the planet. Not human intelligence, not human love, not human compassion — human lethargy is saving the world! If feminine was in equal expression as masculine is, human sense would definitely save the planet.

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