Tips For A Healthy Liver

Tips For A Healthy Liver

The liver is one of the many unsung heroes in our body. It resides right below your ribcage on the right side and purifies your blood that somehow escapes your kidney’s gruelling filter. It also produces bile which helps break down fat from food without which we’d have a lot of unhealthy fat lying around in our body.

Anything that we eat or drink passes through the liver for inspection and its eventual fixing. It also stores glucose which gives you a quick energy boost every time you need it. So, anyone who isn’t crazy will know that it’s super important to take care of it. Therefore, here are a few simple tips to take care of your liver.

Eat right
Avoid junk and processed foods. Opt for organic food whenever possible, especially fresh produce. The toxins in non-organic foods are laden with hormones, pesticides, etc. which dump a huge burden on the liver, thereby straining it.

Drink Enough
No, we don’t mean alcohol. Drink at least two litres of water each day and preferably not at one go. This helps get the toxins out through your bladder preventing them to be recirculated in the bloodstream, which helps lessen the load on the liver.

Adopt This Morning Ritual
Add a bit of juice from a lemon to a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning. This is like a warm-up for your digestive system and the incoming food for the day ahead is digested a lot easier.

Power It Up!
Eat foods rich in astaxanthin such as salmon, shrimp, etc. Foods rich in vitamin C and B complex like oranges, grape and lemon and also milk products, eggs help strengthen the liver and makes the liver efficient in its basic functioning.

Be In The Know
Certain painkillers and cold medicines have acetaminophen which can hurt your liver when overused. Before popping those pills, find an alternative instead to treat your liver right.

Cover Up!
Advocate safe sex. As surprising as it is for sex to turn up in this list, it can’t be ignored that hepatitis B, a liver-damaging disease, is sexually transmittable. Therefore, safe sex and personal hygiene is an absolute must! The disease is also transmittable by reusing needles, so be vary when you get that tattoo.

It’s all about keeping your liver healthy and let it do its job as efficiently as possible. Discipline is key and following a healthy lifestyle can do wonders to not just your liver but your entire well-being!

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