Three Ways To Accept What The Universe Offers You

Three Ways To Accept What The Universe Offers You

Have you ever found yourself lost, confused and wanting to be out of a particular situation? In life, many a time we may get stuck in circumstances due to which we are unable to think beyond our present dilemma which causes fear, anxiety and even depression.

However, the situation is not actually a problem, the issue lies in how we interpret the situation. The feeling of being ‘stuck’ is considered to be a label that we start believing and accepting over a period of time, as we encounter moments in our life when nothing seems to be working out and all our plans go up in smoke. It is during times such as these, that feelings of anxiety surfaces.

Why Do We Feel ‘Trapped?’

You feel trapped’ when your life takes on an entirely different path, compared to what you had planned. You may also feel this way, when you tail to be at the place you wanted to be. But, why does this happen? Does lite really want to give us some sad moments? Is lite really too harsh on us? No’ Relax. And surrender to the moment; keep quiet tor a while.

Sometimes, some moments cannot be controlled by you. So at times like these, all you can do is calm yourself and observe what life brings to you. The feeling of getting ‘stuck’ is similar to quicksand – the more you attempt to get out, the deeper you sink? So, stop trying to get out and just surrender!

Your mind will want to control, push and manipulate, because as humans we get insecure, always want love and need to be called remarkable. It’s a very normal human tendency. But choose to do good things in this situation, so that you allow the universe to work for you, to bring you out of the storm. Here are three things you can do when faced with unpleasant situations.

Things To Do When ‘Stuck’ In A Situation

When you feel you are in a fix, give up and surrender yourself to the situation. Notice the feeling inside you and say it aloud and then take a deep breath. You’ll realize that it is actually a label you have given to the particular situation or feeling. You are not trapped (like you may feel) but are actually getting ready to explore a newer path. Nevertheless, be aware that by surrendering, the feeling of anxiety will not vanish but you’ll soon realize that It will not have a grip on you anymore and will not hold you back.

Surrender and be open to accept whatever comes your way. Do this when everything actually goes out of control and you feel that nothing can happen from you end. Try to enjoy being in a particular situation and consider it to be part of a learning process. Also, just in case you don’t get anything out of the situation, you will learn something for sure. The most interesting fact is when you start enjoying being in the circumstances you are faced with, you will not feel stifled anymore This is because the interpretation of the situation was in your head, all along.

Enjoy The Moment
The first step is to surrender, So, once you surrender, stop thinking about that area of your life too much and pay attention to other things. Do what you love to do the most, whether it’s dancing, music, painting, hanging out, or going for a movie, going for a walk or anything that gives you peace and a sense of joy. You can try meditation too. Remember, you are not ‘stuck’ in all areas of your life. It’s just a part of life in which you are stuck and that too, for a small period of time, which will soon pass. It’s not easy to stop feeling anxious during the hours of sorrow, but it may be a way to explore something better, because when your mind is at peace, it works better. So do remember to be easy on yourself.

You don’t need a computer to write. Just begin with a paper and pen at your disposal and write wherever you want, The motive is to throw out all nasty thoughts and to pen down all your raw feelings!

Writing regularly helps you gain clarity about your thoughts and in the process changes and transforms you thoroughly. This practice also brings in awareness about yourself and prevents you from bottling your emotions.


You need to understand that sometimes, pushing is not required, all you need is to have faith in the universe and let things get arranged for you – not the way you wanted but maybe the way the universe wants to give it to you.

So just let things be and at the end, everything will make perfect sense!

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