The Benefits of Fasting

The Benefits of Fasting

The human race has practiced fasting for a very long time. Hippocrates and Plato were among the first proponents of its health benefits and many others have fasted for spiritual and religious purposes. People often confuse fasting for starvation, but they are indeed very different. Timed periods of fasting are actually very good for you! In the modern-day and age, we have gotten too used to the notion of having three square meals a day, but if we change our perspective a little, we’ll be able to adjust and reap the benefits of fasting.

Fasting Helps Weight Loss

Fasting can be a very safe way to lose weight as many studies have shown that intermittent fasting -fasting that is controlled within a set number of hours allows the body to burn fat cells more effectively than just regular dieting. Also, intermittent fasting allows the body to use fat as its primary source of energy instead of sugar.

Fasting Promotes Longevity

The less you eat the longer you will live. Studies have shown how the lifespan of people in certain cultures increased due to their diets. One of the primary effects of ageing is a slower metabolism, the younger your body is, the faster and more efficient your metabolism. The less you eat, the less toll it takes on your digestive system.

Fasting Improves Metabolism

Intermittent fasting gives your digestive system the adequate rest it needs and this can energize your metabolism to burn calories more efficiently. If your digestion is poor, this can affect your ability to metabolize food and burn fat. Intermittent fasts can regulate your digestion and promote healthy bowel function, thus improving your metabolic function.

Fasting Improves Hunger

Just think about this – can you actually experience real hunger if you eat a meal every three-four hours? Of course, you cant. In fact, to experience the true nature of hunger, it would take anything from 12 to even 24 hours. Fasting helps to regulate the hormones in your body so that you experience what true hunger is. It is known that obese individuals do not receive the correct signals to let them know they are full due to excessive eating patterns.


If you intend to fast, do consult your doctor before you do so.

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