Quit The Most Dangerous Habit

Quit The Most Dangerous Habit

Smoking is one of the most dangerous addictions that mankind has ever known. Ever since cigarettes became a commercial product, they have taken many lives but they’ve still attracted quite a loyal consumer base. Yes, it is difficult to quit smoking, no matter who you are. Such s the nature of addiction, it defeats any sense of will or rationale. It is not as though smokers are not aware of the inherent dangers of smoking, they are constantly reminded about its dangers on a daily basis. But the grip of addiction runs too deep.

Many smokers tell themselves, ‘If I cut down on it, I can eventually quit someday.’ But a new clinical trial suggests that the best way to quit is going cold turkey. British researchers recruited 697 people who smoked the equivalent of at least 15 cigarettes a day. All of them had agreed to quit within two weeks after enrolling in the study. During these two weeks, half the group cut down on smoking gradually, reducing the number of cigarettes and using nicotine patches and other forms of nicotine replacement therapy.

The others continued to smoke as usual and then quit abruptly after two weeks, using replacement therapy as needed. After one month, 39.2 per cent of those who cut down gradually had not started smoking again, compared with 49 per cent of the abrupt quitters. After six months, 15.5 per cent of the gradual quitters and 22 per cent of the abrupt quitters were still not smoking. But quitting cold turkey is a LOT easier said than done. Here are a few tips if you wish to take the final step.

Quit When Things Are Relatively Stress-Free

Most smokers will admit that they reach for a smoke during their most stressful moments. The best time to quit is when you’re in a serene state of mind and when there are no pressures weighing you down. Why not try quitting over a weekend? Or even on a vacation?

Stay Away From Smoking Triggers

A large part of being a smoker is the social function of smoking. Smokers are often surrounded by other smokers, and despite its known health hazards, smoking still remains an enticing option for a smoker. Try to maintain a sense of distance from friends who smoke, parties where people are bound to smoke or just establishments that don’t mind accommodating smokers. Spend your time in smoke-free environs and pay no heed to various smoking triggers.

So there you have it, quitting cold turkey is the best solution. And yes, it’s extremely hard to do it. Ultimately, it’s all about mind over matter and you need to tell yourself that you’re not a smoker. Convince yourself first and take the plunge.

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