Quit Drinking For A Healthier Mind And Body

Quit Drinking For A Healthier Mind And Body

For some, giving up drinking seems like a difficult proposition, but the benefits of doing so, makes it worth it. This is because, quitting alcohol not only benefits an individual physically, but also improves mental health and helps one lead a healthier lifestyle.

Often, mental health issues like depression are aggravated through prolonged alcohol intake in high quantities. Studies have also found that cutting out drinking can help prevent dementia. Further, those suffering from liver disease can feel a positive impact in their physical and mental well- being. Hence, here are some benefits for the mind and body that one may experience after quitting drinking.

For The Mind

Falling asleep without alcohol is very important for good health of both mind and body. When a person refrains from alcohol for a few weeks, a greater sense of well-being and satisfaction is experienced, when compared to drinking regularly. Moreover, it improves cognitive abilities which helps one to think better, have an enhanced memory, fight depression and also get more emotionally stable.

For The Body

In few months of quitting alcohol, the liver will start restoring itself. Subsequently, the blood will absorb more nutrients from the food eaten, resulting in better skin and hair. A person will also feel more energetic when he/she has been sober for a few days.

Binge drinking is a major problem for those trying to lose weight. So, in case there is a weight goal to be achieved, being sober makes it much easier, as exercise helps the body recover from alcohol intake by improving muscle function, increasing endurance, and improving metabolism to convert carbohydrates into useful energy.

Advice And Instructions

It’s also always good to talk to friends and family about the decision to give up alcohol. Sharing little triumphs with them and rewarding oneself too, is beneficial. Additionally, it’s best to get involved in things that can be enjoyed without having to drink.

However, going ‘cold turkey’ suddenly may cause alcohol withdrawal symptoms like trembling hands, nausea, headache, sweating and lack of appetite. But being optimistic and knowing that the ‘good’ will always outweigh the ‘bad’ of the side effects is a good approach to adopt.

Benefits Of Quitting Drinking

Promotes weight loss –
As alcohol has calories, when you stop drinking, the calorie intake reduces which easily promotes weight loss.

Helps to concentrate more on work –
If you are a person who works in office, quitting alcohol can provide more concentration and thereby increase your efficiency at work.

Eliminates drowsiness and fatigue –
Once drinking alcohol comes to an end, the drowsiness and fatigue fades away. Instead, you will start feeling energetic.

Aids digestion –
Proper digestion and gut function takes place once you stay away from alcohol.

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