Listen To Music For A Stress-Free Life!

Listen To Music For A Stress-Free Life!

In the growing world of science and research, music is not merely a mode of fun and entertainment but a tot more than that. And apart from the various fields that have emerged in music, music therapy or healing, is one of the most significant. It is not recent, but dates back to ancient times. But the modern purpose of music therapy is to improve and restore mental and physical health.

Benef its Of Music Therapy

  • Musical tunes have a tremendous soothing effect on the body, mind, and cells. It not only works as a stress reliever, but also has the power to reframe one’s mind and thoughts positively, towards spiritual growth.
  • The calming effect of music also reduces the doses of sedatives in patients.
  • Musical therapy strengthens non-musical areas like communication skills and physical coordination skills, focus and attentiveness in the classroom.
  • Recent research has revealed that the playing of a musical instrument can be effective in diminishing age-related cognitive decline and help retain listening skills.

Ways To Pursue Music Therapy

According to Sairam, a renowned Indian music therapist, few essential factors are recommended to lead a more stress-tree and healthy lite:

Listening to fast and a little vibrant music helps stimulation after returning from an exhausting routine life.

Stress can be relieved by adopting an active method of listening daily. You can try a 20 minute sound session, wherein some kind of music is played in the background and you lie down on a floor or a mat in a comfortable position. The use of headphones lead to better concentration and in avoiding any kind of distraction.

Concentrating on one’s breathing pattern by keeping it slower, regular and deeper can help build focus on the calmness between the notes of the music, making relaxation a wholesome experience.

The music of nature and forest music helps one remain in the present moment. Therefore, another effective way to induce positivity and relaxation, is listening to the calming and soothing sound of the ocean waves or the serenity of a forest, sounds of the birds, feel the air, etc.

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