How Yoga Can Benefit Your Brain

How Yoga Can Benefit Your Brain

The brain not only controls the body but is also responsible for the total coordination of bodily functions as the brain helps in sending and receiving signals through the central nervous system to various organs in the body. These bodily functions in turn, can be influenced by yoga in multiple ways, enabling an individual to live with tranquillity and resilience.

This is because yoga offers numerous benefits, both physically and mentally. It not only facilitates the body to look strong and aligned, but also influences the brain in a way which offers an opportunity to utilize the enormous energy in the brain for living a meaningful, happy and a fearless life.

Yoga Promotes Happiness

The gray matter is one of the key sections of the central nervous system and studies have shown that it only takes eight weeks of yoga and meditation to create an impact on the gray matter, thus initiating an overall change in one’s lifestyle. So, inhale, think for a minute and take a step towards change as in the end, there is nothing more powerful than a happy and confident mind!

Pranayama Helps Relieve Anxiety

The breathing techniques of pranayama have an equal and positive impact on the brain as much as on the body. Further, slow breathing routines have the power to purify the mind and relieve stress. So, if you are an individual prone to frequent panic attacks, pranayama will help relieve anxiety. Additionally, yoga aids you in everything, from problem solving to boosting your self-confidence and lots more!

Yoga Can Tackle Stress

However, though most are usually interested in the ‘physical’ benefits of yoga, researchers have proved that yoga can stabilize the response of the nervous system to stress, as it calms the symptoms of threat such as rapid pulse, profuse sweating, anxiety, etc. which are roused by the sympathetic nervous system, Also, the asanas practiced routinely aids the nervous system to react carefully to stress, thus providing the ability to tackle stressful situations in a relaxed and nonchalant manner.

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