How to make your mind Strong!

How to make your mind Strong!

The brain gets bored and inactive with a monotonous schedule and activities and due to this, the rick of cognitive impairment increases

The mind is probably the strongest organ of the body. When the mind believes anything is achievable, nothing is impossible? It is often said, success or failure is more often decided in the mind, than the actual event itself. Thus, in the toughest sports tournaments, those players with stronger minds, usually prevail.

Traits of A Strong Mind

A strong mind always looks at the positive aspect of things, because with regard to everything in life, there are both, positive and negative aspects.

Winners always focus on the positive aspect. Halfway In a marathon race, a person with a weak mind thinks, ‘half the distance is still yet to go and I may not be able to complete it well.’ On the other hand, a person with a strong mind thinks, ‘I have finished half the race well, so I can easily finish the second half equally well.’ Needless to say, the runner with the stronger mind succeeds.

A person with a strong mind has a lot of self-belief; when you do not believe in yourself, how can others believe in you? So, you need to strongly inculcate the sense of self-belief in yourself at all times. This is considered as a stepping stone to success.

Another feature of a person with a strong mind is that he/she is always hopeful. They always hope for and expect a good outcome. You’d certainly agree to this one – how many times you have seen players winning a match from almost a losing position?! So, it’s obvious that unwavering hope and self-belief are Important for winning, even from losing situations.’

A person with a strong mind looks at only the good qualities in another person and oversees the bad traits. This virtue makes them appear more congenial amongst masses. After all, no one likes a person who is always critical about them.

The most important quality in a person with a strong mind, is the ability to control their emotions. Emotions and sensitivity are important for good social interactions.

However, exaggerated emotional responses may interfere with daily life. A person with a weak mind may suffer from sadness and depression after a failure. On the other hand, a person with a strong mind treats failure as a medium to work on flaws and outgrows them successfully.

Anger is a negative emotion which a person with a strong mind lacks. Strong-minded people are able to smile at all instances and events and strongly believe in letting bygones be bygones, because they know that anger does not solve a problem, but on the contrary, it may aggravate it. Everyone likes a smile and appreciation – who likes getting reprimanded?!

The Making Of A Strong Mind

From the above discussion, it’s quite evident that a strong mind is vital for a fulfilling and successful life. So, is a ‘strong mind’ inherited from one’s ancestors or can one do something to make the mind stronger? Well, here’s how you can build a strong mind. Just follow these methods.

1. Regular exercises not only help making you physically fit, but also impacts your memory and thinking skills, There is a release of good chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine post-exercise, which elevates your mood and keeps depression away. So, stay

2. Good nutrition is important to keep the brain strong. And timely balanced meals are key. So dig into foods that are good for the brain. These foods include fish, eggs, broccoli, asparagus, pumpkin seeds, spinach, blueberries, nuts like almonds and walnuts, etc.

3. Ensure adequate sleep of seven- eight hours at night, as it relaxes the body and mind. The mind gets re-energized after a restful sleep and is ready to take on the everyday challenges of life.

4. The brain gets bored and inactive with a monotonous schedule and activities and the risk of cognitive impairment increases with this. On the other hand, challenging the brain with newer activities for example, if one engages in learning a new language, or plays a musical instrument, the brain will get sharper and stronger. This also boosts self- confidence in a person.

5. Avoid smoking and alcohol as both these vices have a negative influence on the brain and mind functions, making them weaker and prone to mental illnesses.

6. Socialize whenever you can? Isolation and loneliness are detrimental to the brain and mind and make them weaker. On the other hand, greater social interactions, especially spending quality time with family and friends are healthy for the brain and makes it stronger.

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