How To Be Fighting Fit During The Monsoons

How To Be Fighting Fit During The Monsoons

Welcome The Rains Whole heartedly

After experiencing the scorching heat of the summer, the first monsoon showers are always heartily welcomed and we all eagerly look forward to some respite from the oppressive heat and humidity of the summer months. This season is resplendent with lush green surroundings, overflowing rivers and lakes, the energizing fresh earthy smell and of course the dancing colours of the rainbow. But, there’s a catch!

The monsoon season and the rise in humidity during these months, reduces immunity of your body and makes you susceptible to many diseases of the season like colds, coughs, allergies, fevers, stomach and gastrointestinal infections, waterborne diseases and many other infectious diseases. But with a little care and mindful meal planning, the rainy season can help rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Focus On Balance And Precaution

Pitta or the fire element which is responsible for metabolism and digestion is aggravated in these months leading to weakened and sluggish digestion and problems like acidity, indigestion, bloating and skin problems. Focusing on balance and precaution is paramount in order to synchronize and tine-tune your body’s regulating and cleansing functions.

Planning To Stay Ailment- Free

Healthy and conscious eating patterns, exercises, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and sleep play crucial roles in boosting immunity keeping you ailment-tree with improved stamina and energy. Concentrate and plan on making fitness an integral part of your life through exercises and diet as exercise works wonders in keeping your heart/lung function active, regulates your appetite, reduces stress, helps to manage your weight, lowers blood pressure. reduces risks of osteoporosis and promotes proper sleep.

Don’t Let The Rain Dampen You Spirit

Even if the weather plays spoil sport and makes it difficult for you to venture out to your gym, do some basic exercises at home, Plan a fitness regime that’s easy to do at home and make exercise an integral part of your daily routine, come rain or sunshine. Don’t let the weather, heavy showers or the waterlogged roads dampen your spirit and effort. Regular exercise is essential to improve stamina for an efficient heart-lung function, to reduce stress, for better flexibility, immunity, better metabolism and for obesity control. So, enjoy the pitter-patter of the rain drops on your window panes and follow these basic exercises that can even be done in the comfort of your home.

Some Basic Indoor Exercises

  • Warm up with on the spot jogging or jumping jack for five minutes as this helps improve blood circulation, lubricates joints and improves flexibility and mobility
  • Next, perform some dynamic stretches like six to eight rounds of suryanamaskars which involves moving your body parts and increases flexibility
  • Follow this up with exercises like leg swing (forward and sideways), calf raises, arm circles and shoulder shrugs, side stretches and neck rotation
  • Tone your lower body with squats and lunges and do two sets of twenty counts each
  • Perform some yoga stretches like naukasan, adhhomukhaswanasana, bridge pose, plank pose and bhujangasana to name a few
  • Finally, relax your body by lying down in shavasana pose for ten minutes. close your eyes and focus on breathing in and breathing out rhythmically

Dietary Precautions And Guidelines

  • Avoid heavy, spicy, oily and acidic foods like pickles, fried foods, junk foods, etc.
  • Eat light meals, steamed and lightly stir-fried or sautéed vegetables and salads, seasonal fruits, etc.
  • Incorporate whole grains, easy to digest moong dal, nuts and seeds for their immune boosting properties
  • Include bitter tasting foods like fenugreek, bitter gourd, Neem and other herbs and spices like turmeric, ginger etc. in your diet as they aid in neutralizing the pitta element and have medicinal and anti-bacterial properties
  • Drink warm beverages like green tea, herbal tea, warm water with lemon, soups, ginger tea with jaggery and black pepper powder or warm water with cinnamon, honey and rock salt to tight mucous formation. Also, incorporate spices like turmeric, cloves, cinnamon and peppercorns for its medicinal value
  • Refrain from consuming exposed or uncooked foods like sauces, chutneys or salads and the like to reduce the risk of stomach infections and other ailments.
  • Opt for filtered and boiled water always
  • Avoid foods with chemicals, preservatives, additives and artificial colours

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