Foods That Help Relieve

Foods That Help Relieve

Pain Pain can be best described as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, associated with real or possible tissue damage. And both acute and chronic pains are distressing and may require the regular use of medications for relief. However, food (as mentioned by Hippocrates) can be your medicine.

So wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some of your favorite foods to treat most of your painful conditions? May sound strange, but it is a fact, because certain foods available in Nature have excellent painkilling properties, as the chemical compounds, antloxidants, vitamins and minerals in these foods act as natural anti-inflammatory agents.

Certain natural foods have excellent painkilling properties as the chemical compounds, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in these foods act as natural anti-inflammatory agents

Best Pain-Relieving Foods

Since ancient times, turmeric has been termed as a natural painkiller as the curcumin in turmeric, inhibits the pro-inflammatory enzymes and thus acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. So turmeric helps in relieving pain by acting at the pain receptor levels.

The high content of omega 3 fatty acids in salmon fish helps in reducing the inflammation in the blood vessels and nerves, thus relieving any kind of pain related to chronic inflammatory conditions. Also, the calcitonin present in this fish, plays a major role in the reduction of inflammation.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The oleocanthal in olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties and it is a known fact, that olive oil acts similarly In the way Ibuproten acts, in relieving pain. However, with the gastric side effects of ibuprofen, olive oil appears to be more promising and is a natural pain reliever.

The gingerols present in ginger are the potent phytonutrients which help in fighting against inflammation, Intact, red ginger is used as a traditional painkiller In Indonesia. Both raw and heated ginger have the same effectiveness in curing pain and inflammation.

The live cultures of microorganisms in yogurt are helpful in relieving pain, inflammation and many gastric infections too as probiotics act directly by inhibiting the H. pylon bacteria and relieve abdominal pain.

Nowadays, berries are termed as superfoods. They are also simply fantastic in curing pain. Thus, eating these colorful and attractive fruits helps in boosting immunity and also boosts the ability to combat Inflammation and infections. Berries owe their magical properties to the abundant antioxidants present in these superfruits, So the next time you have sore muscles after a strenuous workout, try a glass of berry juice!

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