Exercises To Improve Blood Circulation

Exercises To Improve Blood Circulation

The blood flow in our bodies is the main criteria by which we can assess health, as the regular circulation of blood is responsible for delivering oxygen to different parts of the body and for the elimination of waste. Inadequate blood supply or circulation results in dull skin, cold toes and fingers, low energy and tired legs. Exercise is an easy way to boost blood circulation, So get your heart pumping with a little activeness in your movement and steps.


A minimum of 30 minutes of brisk walking improves circulation, People suffering from peripheral artery disease too feel a difference. Overall, walking strengthens the heart and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system which is necessary for good circulation.

Deep Breathing Exercises And Yoga

These are the ancient ways of boosting circulation. Deep diaphragmatic breathing helps in pushing the blood towards the chest and right into the heart. Combine deep breathing with the legs up the wall and with downward dog pose to relax, unwind the body and to improve circulation.

The pose ‘legs up the wall’ improves circulation of the blood to the low and extreme parts of the body. Begin by lying on the floor, extending your legs along the wall. The heels and the back of your legs should rest on the wall. Keep your bottom as close to the wall as is comfortable. Stay in this posture for about five to fifteen minutes.

The downward dog pose is done by making an inverted V with your body. It boosts circulation in the entire body and reduces back pain, tension and anxiety. Start at ten seconds.

Lift Weight To Boost Circulation

Muscle building and blood flow is boosted with weight training and lifting weights enhances the flow of blood to the limbs and lowers blood pressure. So a sure shot way to improve blood circulation is to get up and get moving! Also, an improved cardiovascular system means better blood flow. Hence, everything and anything that triggers your heart rate and increases its pumping has to be included in your exercise routine.

Swimming, hiking, biking, and dancing are your best bets to have fun and to get the blood flowing if you can’t follow the above suggestions. Regular and sufficient flow of blood translates into better health, a better heart, a glowing complexion, improved sex life, and definitely more energy. Still, need more reasons to get started?

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