Does Chanting 0m Really Work?

Does Chanting 0m Really Work?

People are open and accepting about the idea of meditation for improved health. But, when they hear others telling them to also try chanting ‘0m’, they may get sceptical. The reason? Most people tend to think that the chanting of 0m is rooted in some kind of religious practice. But that’s far from the truth. 0m is a universal syllable and it is believed that the vibrations that occur with chanting 0m, is the cosmic sound that was present at the time of the creation of the universe. It is a symbol of pure energy and does not dwell in any religious background. So, many people are firm believers in the power of 0m for overall health improvement. But, if you’re still not sure of how chanting 0m can help, read on to find out about the many benefits that come with the vibrations of saying the syllable out loud!

Slows Down Your Nervous System
With the rhythmic chanting and pronunciation of 0m, the vibrations that occur throughout the body help lower blood pressure, thus easing the body. The vibrations also act on the nervous system, sending signals to help it relax which in turn allows your mind to calm down as well.

It Improves Concentration
Chanting 0m every day, helps tune up the mind. The vibrations from the sound are stimulating to the memory centres of the brain, which in turn allow you to have improved focus and concentration. So, the more you chant 0m, the sharper your mind will get!

It Helps Keep Colds At Bay
If you are someone who suffers from clogged sinuses far too often, this chanting is for you! The vibrations of 0m help to clear out the respiratory passages and airways. So, chanting 0m regularly will mean that you’ll finally be free from the restrictions of a blocked nose! Also, chanting 0m works on the muscles around the throat and thus helps strengthen your vocal cords too. Overall a win-win for the entire respiratory system!

So, you see, the chanting of 0m, while practised as part of spirituality most often, is also backed with scientific philosophies. Try chanting it a few times every morning, and soon you’ll want to make it a daily habit when you see the many ways in which it will begin to benefit your life!

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