Choose Thoughtful Gifts Rather than Expensive Ones

Choose Thoughtful Gifts Rather than Expensive Ones

It is a basic right for every person to know the value they add to our lives, the difference they bring in our lives and of course the immense love we have for them. It becomes increasingly difficult for us to properly appreciate them for just being there in our journey. Gifts are the physical translation of that love. Our sliver of an attempt to show how much they mean to us.

However, it is a common misconception that the more expensive a gift, the more we care. Relying on the numbers of a price tag is the apparent lazy way out. It doesn’t matter ¡titis an expensive diamond ring or a huge bouquet of exotic flowers, it doesn’t matter if ¡t doesn’t mean anything to them. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when you buy a gift.

Tips For Gifting

Look Deeper
A great gift could be something that they had once mentioned and have forgotten about it. A handy juicer or a necklace that he/she noticed a long time ago, or it could even be something as simple as a bicycle helmet that they really liked. This shows that you pay attention and listen when they talk. It will be a pleasant surprise for them and it’s totally worth it.

It’s The Thought That Matters
Your loved one might be a green thumbed person or a dog lover. Gifting him/her a potted plant or a custom can for watering the plants, or a fancy dog leash that is soft on the puppy are great ways of showing your appreciation for who they are.

Keep it simple, silly. Consider this, if you were to gift something to a few months old child and watch her/his precious face light up than buying expensive baby clothes, would be at the worst end of the spectrum. A toy that makes a funny noise or even something that is really colourful would make the child ecstatic. So keep your thoughts clear and know that this is the effect you want on them and work with your feelings.

In the end, a gift is meant to put a smile on the face of our loved ones, a chance for them to realise we love them and know them well. In return, we get to make a memory that would be cherished for years to come.

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