Benefits Of Laughter Yoga

Benefits Of Laughter Yoga

Have you noticed how a lot of people around you have taken to laughter yoga in the recent years? This is because, laughter yoga has proven to be very beneficial. It helps you in two ways – alleviates specific health issues and improves overall well- being. Here are some benefits of laughter yoga

1. Lowers Blood Pressure:
When you laugh. you inhale a lot of ar As a result. oxygen intake in your body increases Which then stimulates blood Circulation.

2. Increases And Pulse Rates:
With improvement in blood circulation. heart and pulse rates also increase, nuking you more energetic and active.

3. Strengthens The Immune System:
Laughter enablæ the release of T-cells and other antibodies that nuke your immune system stronger Simply put, it helps you fight off germs and other infections better.

4. Reduces Pain:
When you are in pain. your body automatically produces endorphins to counter it. Laughter further stimulates the production of endorphins. thus reducing any pain your body might be feeling or going through.

5. Improves Heart Health:
With the overall improvement in blood circulation and heart rate. coupled With lower blood pressure, the health of your heart improves significantly.

In short, whether you have an apple a day or not. you must make it a point to practice laughter for at least 10-15 minutes every morning. It is the least expensive therapy that offers life-long benefits towards your mental, physical and emotional well-being.


Fosters Good Mood:
Laughter uF*itts ones mood. Even though it might start artificially, it soon changes into natural laughter, making you feel relieved and more relaxed, The science behind it is the production of endorphins. which automatically lightens up your mood.

Reduces Stress:
The chemicals produced in your body through laughter yoga brings down stress levels. So the good brought about by this asana helps you to be calmer and, therefore, less stressed.

Builds A Positive Attitude In Challenging Times:
Lower stress levels translate into more self-belief and positive energy. You feel more secure and are able to handle tough situations more confidently.

Fights Depression And Anxiety:
Being and less stressed helps fight and anxiety attacks.

Improves Quality Of Sleep:
In a study conducted by Korean scientists Ko and Youn, laughter therapy Showed a positive impact on insomnia and quality of sleep in the elderly This is because when you are less stressed and feeling positive, you tend to sleep better.

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