Anti-inflammatory Diet Plan For A Healthy Life

Anti-inflammatory Diet Plan For A Healthy Life

Everybody wants to live a healthy and fit life, a life without any illness or disease and a life that is active! In this process of staying healthy, even researchers have been working to find a common link between many unrelated health conditions and after years and months of studies and examinations, they have come to an understanding that inflammation is a common reason. Research has proved that people with chronic inflammation have higher chances of developing certain health-related problems like heart diseases, cancer, and other auto immune diseases.

Fortunately, we are armed with food and exercise that can help us to fight against inflammation. Dieticians and food experts say that by incorporating and eliminating certain foods from our daily diet we can take care of the problems of inflammation. The food plan that should be followed is called the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan.

Facts About The Anti- Inflammatory Diet

This is a diet or food plan that eliminates numerous or all allergenic foods that initiate irritation within the body. It substantially reduces and eliminates the intake of hormones, pesticides and antibiotic residues too. By reducing the intake of toxins and hard to digest food items, the diet aids easy digestion and minimizes abusing the body.

Anti-inflammatory Foods

Olive And Peanut Oil, Avocado, Nuts
These are naturally rich in mono saturated fats that are good anti-inflammatory agents and also lower cholesterol levels.

Canola Oil, Fish And Walnuts
High in omega 3 polyunsaturated fat, these foods are an excellent to counteract inflammation.

Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains
They are high in antioxidants and provide a perfect inflammation defence.

Spices, Herbs, Tea
All these items are known to have high antioxidant qualities to fight inflammation.

Foods To Avoid

Saturated And Trans Fat
Saturated fat is found in animal-based foods like red meat and dairy products. These are bad as they raise cholesterol levels and trigger inflammation. Trans fats found in cookies and baked products are chemically altered fats that are also responsible for raising cholesterol and inflammation even more than saturated fats.

Omega 6 Polyunsaturated Fats
Found in corn, soya bean, and sunflower and also in packaged goods, it is known to have inflammatory qualities.

Sugar And Simple Carbs
Increases blood sugar levels and linked to inflammation.

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