Advancing Age Can Cause Diabetes Complications

Advancing Age Can Cause Diabetes Complications

“With the advancement of age, the deteriorates. Its capability of using gradually declines and creates intolerance which aids functioning of the human body glucose from the bloodstream a condition called glucose in type 2 diabetes”

Managing the trouble of diabetes with growing age presents different challenges. A wide array of problems like growing insulin resistance, eye disease and arthritis further deteriorates the condition of elderlies. Multiple diseases start taking its toll. The severity of diabetes also increases with ageing, but by following a healthy way of living, you can effectively manage diabetes.

Bodily Changes Due To Old Age

Apart from the gray hair and wrinkles on the skin, ageing causes several changes throughout the body. Decrease in basal metabolic rate takes place with every passing decade of human life. This normally happens due to the loss of muscle mass with growing age. The body’s capability of processing oxygen also reduces among the elderlies and a person of 65 years of age retains only 60 to 70 percent of aerobic capacity compared to what he/she had at a younger age. However, conditions like poor lung function, blood circulation and heart function play a considerable role in the declining process.

Advancing Age And Diabetes

With the advancement of age, the functioning of the human body deteriorates, Its capability of using glucose from the bloodstream gradually declines and creates a condition called glucose intolerance which aids in type 2 diabetes. When the body tissues become less sensitive to insulin it creates a situation known as insulin resistance and it contributes to glucose intolerance. Obesity may be a reason for this, as body fat interferes with the muscles ability to use insulin.

With the advancement of years, diabetes complications also speed up. Diabetes related eye diseases like retinopathy, cataracts and macular oedema also worsen with age. Additionally, nerve diseases caused by diabetes also bring in severe arthritis trouble that starts with ageing. Kidney ailments and cardiovascular troubles too, caused due to diabetes worsen with old age.

Hence, to remain healthy in your later years, pay attention to controlling your blood glucose levels as high blood glucose is the reason behind increasing diabetes complications. Thus, it should be regularly monitored. Also, it’s best to consult a diabetologist to know more about the increasing risk of diabetes with age.

Health Tip

Keep yourself active by practicing various aerobic activities like walking, jogging, bicycling and swimming. These activities will aid in weight loss as well as help ward off a host of afflictions that grow with age. It also increases stamina and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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